Monday, July 25, 2016

Pretty Woman: Can Raquel Regalado Swipe the Mayoral Slot from Carlos Gimenez? By Geniusofdespair

Raquel Regalado is clever, beautiful and fun to be around. She has young ideas for Miami Dade County. I really like her as a Mayoral Candidate. I will vote for her over Carlos Gimenez. Carlos has an over-flowing pocketful of cash to throw around against Raquel. He is miles ahead of her in the cash department. But he is a throwback to the days when lobbyist ruled. They rule our county now.

Tell your friends to vote for Raquel. She has spirit, she has drive and she is far better than Carlos Gimenez. If you want to see her in action watch this damn video. Also she gives us all a great 2 minute history of Miami Dade County! Pass this blog link to your friends. THE VOTE IS IN AUGUST, not November. Early voting starts soon. Spread the word on your Facebook Page.

Herald Columnist Fabiola Santiago said last week about Current Mayor Carlos Gimenez:
Yet, when it comes to potential conflicts of interest and back-door dealing, the mayor has a blind spot. He delivers done-deals like the megamall-theme park boondoggle in Northwest Miami-Dade to a spineless county commission that rubber stamps instead of properly vetting community-altering projects. His developer friends line up for tax incentives (aka corporate welfare) and get them despite promises to voters that there aren’t any, as in the SkyRise Miami giant steel hairpin.

But nothing quite captures the mayor’s peculiar sense of what’s fair game as well as the richly textured portrait of Gimenez’s relationship with his re-election finance chairman, Ralph Garcia-Toledo, a veteran county contractor, by Miami Herald county hall reporter Douglas Hanks. It’s a classic, required reading on how county government operates behind the scenes.


Anonymous said...

Miami-Dade County is now run like a slush fund to benefit Carlos Gimenez and his lobbyist cronies. Gimenez is increasing taxes again so his buddies make more money. All these clowns are getting rich at the expense of the private sector. Taxpayers getting screwed. Unfortunately, Mayor Tomas Regalado at Miami is also screwing the taxpayers. Mayor Regaldo has raised over 20% in the last few years. Regaldo's friends keep almost all the money.

Geniusofdespair said...

Mayor Regalado of the city of Miami is Raquel's father but they are very different in their approach to government. I don't think it is fair to compare them.

Anonymous said...

The only chance Regalado has to beat Gimenez is to protect herself against the avalanche of boleteras that will be out on the streets on August 2nd collecting ballots for Gimenez. Unless the authorities are well informed and willing to stop the fraud Regalado stands no chance. The internal corruption brought on by Gimenez in this county is sickening.

Anonymous said...

Each person who wants to take back Miami-Dade County from the Gimenez Slime needs to identify 10 people they know are Miami-Dade Voters. Make the list. Make sure each one of them votes in the Primary August 30th election. They County Mayor's Race is the most important vote for any resident. Get your 10 to the polls and let's rid the county of the scum that collects around Carlos Gimenez. Vote for Raquel!

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Raquel they will do some damage with hit pieces. I wonder if she has money to strike back?

Out of sight said...

I met Raquel at a forum recently. Following her presentation, we had a sidebar on the history of Miami and found several common areas of interest. She is personable, bright and deeply engaged in making changes for the better that just aren't happening.

I wish her success, she is a breath of fresh air!

Anonymous said...

Raquel is better than Gimenez. Gimenez is incredibly rude and/or aloof. And why is Gimenez so star struck around David Beckham? That's creepy.

Juan said...

Raquel As you point out is everything Mr. Arrogance is not; Honest .. Bright .. Articulate and brimming with new ideas to benefit the public NOT the friends and family of his worship.

She can win but only with a grass roots effort to combat the lobbyist fueled $4m campaign fund of his eminence.

Raquel needs to keep Mayor "know it all" under 50% in the August election If she can accomplish that the race goes to a run off in the general election in November . If that happens with high anticipated turn out she could win.
(Especially if she links The Trump loving Mayor and his son to Mr. Orange)

Contribute to Raquel even if it's a few bucks .. Bernie showed what can be done if a lot of folks contribute small amounts
Get people to register AND Vote .. Volunteer!!

If we stand by and do nothing the Lobbyists Like Garcia - Toledo , Lopez.. Acosta .. Mayor jr , Llorente etc
Will continue to reap the rewards of being BFFS with his arrogance !
The public will pay the price of allowing lobbyists and developers to buy this election.

David said...

Is there any incumbent that passes muster on EOM? Sometimes it sounds like bitching just to bitch.

Geniusofdespair said...

Yes. Katy Sorenson, Rebeca Sosa, Cindy Lerner, Eugene Flinn, Jose Javier Rodriguez, Sally Heyman, Dennis Moss, Xavier Suarez and numerous others. We don't always agree with them but that is part of life.

Michael Anguelo said...

Dear Raquel Regalado I am trying to help your campaign sent this information to Carlos Gimenez and never answer me or give me thanks for my interest to solve in part accidents and traffic congestion in Miami, now he is using my ideas in his campaign, and hear I am sending you what I sent him months ago ( can find my prefill in Facebook)

The traffic nightmare
Drive in Miami, and the rest of the county, is becoming an act of heroism, especially drivers of the 3rd age, go driving in any city. The traffic of course have incremented in exaggerated proportions, due population increment, but it is not an excuse to don’t have a system that organized and implement reforms to the traffic. The transit department of Miami Dade and peripheries cities, is terrible, in fact to the whole nation cities. I began my crusade five years ago, I contacted city officials, and federal transit departments, DOT, and others agencies, without a response, nevertheless I will continue until the administration of the traffic department of every city and the Federal department of transportation listen to me. In fact, I have the traffic solution of USA and the whole world:
1- The synchronization of the traffic lights to the principal avenues and streets.
2- The frizzing the red light in every intersection, all four lights at least 5to10 seconds.
3- Installation of speed bump, in every stop at least 10 feet before the stop sign.
4- Installation of speed bump in every four traffic lights.
By this actions there is no need for traffic camera, and instead monetary penalty, the violator will pay with community labor, e.g. swiping the street painting the speed bump in yellow, mowing the grass, and other community services.
I am sure that the politician will protest this disposition, because it imply les ingress to the treasury chest of the city government, and this is detrimental for the politician’s pockets, but for the contrary, will stabilized traffic, less accidents, less death, and at the long run, the city will save money. Only the lawyer, the cameras company, and their associates (judges) for sure will protest emphatically. At the end lives will be save, that what is important.
Michael Anguelo

Fred Christian said...

I Personally support Ms Regalado She is what we need in #MDC. Mayor Gimenez is out for Himself ! Look at his ideas in the past Close Libraries, Close Fire Houses for a day, Dry Dock the MDFR FireBoat, Try to eliminate 30 MDT bus routesm Clealy by these actions he is Not For We The People of Miami Dade county! But for $$ and Big develpers puuting Hi Rises on All corners. Plus his neglect on Animals w MDC Animal Services No Kill Shelter. Another Failure
We need change and Raquel Regalado is That change i as an Advocate and Activist Founder of #ExpandMedicaidNow Support her 100 Percent