Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Mo Abety seen here with County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava

Raquel Regalado had to resign from School Board District 6 to run for Mayor.

Mo Abety is my choice in District 6. He was the Founding President and CEO at the Children's Trust. Please vote for Mo Abety.  He is endorsed by Mayor Cindy Lerner, The United Teacher's of Dade and County Commissioner Daniella Levine and others.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez's sister- in-law is also running.  Gimenez's son is said to have called ALL her opponents trying to bully them out of the race so Rojas (the sister-in-law) would have a better chance.  Mo Abety confirmed he was called and threatened as well.

Richard Tapia,  one of the candidates asked to get out of the race by Gimenez Junior said he wanted to drop out but his check was filed with elections and elections told him it was too late to cancel his check.  Gimenez's son is said to have told Tapia, "don't worry we will take care of it".  A big HMMM.  I asked elections about this Check after hearing this:
 I said I thought that was illegal to stop payment without the oath of withdrawal. Something seems fishy.

"No qualifying fee shall be returned to the candidate unless the candidate withdraws his or her candidacy before the last date to qualify".   
Without the requisite Oath of Withdrawal by noon on Friday, June 24, 2016, Mr. Tapia was listed as qualified at the end of the qualifying period. In summary, Mr. Tapia submitted all required paperwork and qualifying fee before the official qualifying period was over. Mr. Tapia was listed as qualified at the end of the qualifying period. 
Elections told me that Mr. Tapia told election staff he had placed a stop payment on the qualifying check.  After confirmation from the County's Finance Department that the check had not cleared, Mr. Tapia's status was updated to "Did Not Qualify."  I was told he DID NOT put a stop payment on it...prior to Gimenez Jr.'s conversation.  Maybe my pressing Elections is forcing them to collect?? I don't know.

I pressed elections on whether they were going to collect on this check. They said yes.  I guess the Gimenez campaign might reimburse Tapia? Lots of bucks to qualify $1,702.  Was there hanky-panky going on with Gimenez insiders and this check? Only the Mayor knows for sure and the Elections Department.  Remember we don't have an elected Elections Supervisor. The Department answers to the MAYOR.  We need to see the date of the stop payment if in fact there was one.

Mo Abety confirms that Gimenez's son called him and he was threatened and bullied by him. Abety's response was, why doesn't she drop out of the race?

More on Mo:

Meet Modesto “Mo” Abety

Mo Abety’s life work has been to ensure our children have the resources to succeed. As the former President & CEO of The Children’s Trust, he has earned the trust of parents, advocates and community leaders for his dedication to the well-being, safety, health and education of our children. He’s a strong believer in building parental and community responsibility for the children. A son of Cuban parents, Abety has made his life’s work to strengthen our community by giving our children an opportunity to succeed.

Abety’s leadership skills and passionate child advocacy was recognized by President Barack Obama when he was named to the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

Abety is ready to apply his four decades of experience to being an advocate for our children – for their parents, for their teachers and together for a high quality public education.

Abety has been recognized by countless organizations and leaders for his tireless efforts to improve the lives of thousands of children. Earlier this year, Abety received the state’s top award for service on behalf of Florida’s youth when he received the Chiles Advocacy Award for his integrity, dedication and commitment to improving the lives of Florida’s children and their families.

Abety attended public schools in District 6, including elementary, Jr. High and graduated from Miami Senior High School. Abety attended Miami Dade College and received his bachelors of science from Florida State University and his Master’s in Public Administration from the City University of New York’s Baruch College. He is a proud father to his daughter, Raquel and grandfather to Isabella (age 13) and Gabriel (age 9).


Anonymous said...

Mo is really one of the great guys in the community. Over the years, in various roles he has helped lots of people in this community. He would be a great elected leader. In fact, the community should be honored to have someone of his caliber to sit on an elected board.

Steve Shiver said...

Well to that I agree. No one has worked more diligently for our children. Very proud to support him as well....

Anonymous said...

The Elections Department employees need to be reminded of the new Honor Code Policy of the County that requires them to step forward when they know of corruption or illegal activities. Though intimidated by the Mayor, the de facto Supervisor of Elections, they have a responsibility to come clean. The Honor Code will protect you. Do the right thing!