Monday, July 18, 2016

Florida: A Political Problem Requires A Political Solution ... by gimleteye

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio is carefully scheduling events in Florida this week, as though he is concerned about the water quality catastrophe caused by his and other top officials, including Rick Scott and Adam Putnam, indifference. Marco Rubio reversed his well-publicized decision to leave the Senate when GOP leaders implored him to stay, to protect a GOP majority that holds among its key objectives the destruction of federal authority to protect the environment.

Rubio, himself, lead the charge to diminish the authority of the US EPA to involve itself in rule-making to prevent nutrient pollution because it served his most influential campaign contributors: Big Sugar. Nutrient pollution is the cause of massive algae blooms that Rubio now professes to care about.

What Marco Rubio cares about is political power, and the political power Marco Rubio cares about is aimed at keeping Florida ringed by a circle of polluted water while his biggest funders squeeze the last dime of profit from the Everglades Agricultural Area.

It is time to buy the land, and send clean, fresh water south. That won't happen until Florida's Arab Spring -- the energizing of citizens against the political status quo -- materializes at the voting polls. Now is the time to turn back Rubio, Scott, Putnam and Caldwell and their shills in the county commissions. Vote for clean water.

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