Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Florida Death Panel Fails Floridians By Even Considering Loosening Standards On Cancer-Causing Toxics ... by gimleteye

Today, appointees of Gov. Rick Scott -- on the state Environmental Regulatory Commission -- could vote to allow carcinogens in our drinking water. Be afraid. Very afraid.

Mary Ellen Klas, for the Miami Herald, writes:
A state panel will decide Tuesday whether to allow polluters to increase the level of toxic chemicals they dump into Florida rivers and lakes as part of the first update of the state’s water quality standards in 24 years.

The governor-appointed Environmental Regulatory Commission will vote on a rule proposed by state regulators that would increase the number of regulated chemicals allowed in drinking water from 54 to 92 chemicals and raise the allowed limits on more than two dozen known carcinogens — all currently regulated — from levels that are from 20 percent to 1,100 percent higher than current standards. The agency is reducing the allowed limits on 13 currently regulated chemicals, two of which are considered carcinogens.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/environment/article91731227.html#storylink=cpy

Klas and the Herald ought to train their attention to another abject failure: statistical evidence of rare pediatric cancer clusters in Florida. We wrote about it, here, a year ago: "Cancer Clusters in Florida: The Silence Of The State".

The callous lack of interest, curiosity, or willingness to extend a helping hand to Floridians frightened by toxins in the environment is breathtaking. The Environmental Regulatory Commission is a Death Panel, if it approves the loosening of rules governing toxics. But if it does, it will only be following the orders of the worst governor in Florida history: Rick Scott.


Anonymous said...

For the majority of the FL voters who voted him in, they deserve to die from drinking the water. They are the killers of everyone else in the state who have to drink that contaminated water.

cyndi said...

Anonymous your a scary person but I guess it's easy to hide behind being anonymous/

Anonymous said...

People have to understand that VOTES have CONSEQUENCES. When you VOTE, each of the positions have a certain amount of POWER. Life and death decisions are made everyday in these legislative chambers, in the decsions that are made, in the rules that are promulgated, and in the administrative actions taken. The higher up you go, the more lives that are involved. When you reach the Presidency, you are talking about most lives on the planet. So, when you vote, be very careful to whom you entrust your life and the lives of others.