Saturday, July 09, 2016

Fell on my head in New York. By Geniusofdespair

I tripped on a brick walkway on a lower brick, my foot stopped I didn't. I had a plan. A great plan.. Rather than the two options given at hospital -- CAT scan or 24 hours in hospital to be monitored every two hours -- I had a schedule of people to call me every two hours to make sure I wasn't dead. Well, I had my phone on silent. They did call. I just didn't answer. And the other part of the plan -- my niece traveling with me was to be called if I didnt answer. She didn't answer either.  So a good plan dose not work but you guys get punished. I am bruised but still here.

There is an algae bloom here on Long Island's East end. Not like ours, but they have one. Toxic algae on Long Island:


Jill said...

Sorry to hear it.
That you fell, not that you are still here :)

Anonymous said...

I recently fell and broke a couple of bones. The healing process is slow at first and then you turn a corner and in a couple of months, it's just a bad memory. You'll get through this!

Barbara Falsey said...

So??? How are you??

cyndi said...

oh no! feel better!

youbetcha' said...

Yah know, you need a body guard that can make you float over bumps in the road as you approach them. I hope you didn't lose any loose screws in the fall.

Missing you!