Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bad Mayor Gimenez: No bid, just favors for friends. By Geniusofdespair

I remember Carlos Gimenez's first campaign for mayor. He had this heavy guy as his chauffeur and the heavy guy's wife was a longtime lobbyist.  This is the heavy guy I remember, now exposed in the Miami Herald.

Ralph Garcia Toledo, whom, as repoted by the Miami Herald, is "Raising money for the mayor, and making money from his administration".

He helped Carlos Gimenez raise nearly $4 million while billing $200 an hour on a county sewer contract that pays him to meet with administration officials.

Through April, G-T Construction has billed $672,000 for work that began in late 2014. Roughly $430,000 of that was billed as overhead — the added cost Miami-Dade lets contractors tack onto bills for employees’ work to cover both operating expenses and profit.

 Read the article, I am on a cell phone blogging -- too hard. This isn't new behavior on the part of Mayor Gimenez. Here is what I wrote in 2013 about Ralph Garcia Toledo getting favors:

Ralph Garcia Toledo the Mayor's right hand man during his campaign.
There is a big Water and Sewer contract under the Cone of Silence (probably one of the biggest to be awarded this year). Is Ralph Garcia Toledo, your right hand man, getting some sort of paid consultant job on this mega contract with the engineering firm CH2M Hill Mr. Mayor? Tell me someone is giving me bad information PLEASE!!!

These guys/lobbyists are just too close to Gimenez according to the June 6th Miami Herald, also on the Mayor's trip were:

Several Gimenez supporters are traveling as well: lawyer Marcelo Llorente of LSN Partners and his managing partner, Alex Heckler; and Ralph Garcia-Toledo of G-T Construction Group and his wife, Vicky Garcia-Toledo, a partner at the law firm Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod. Gimenez’s daughter-in-law Barbara Rodriguez-Gimenez, director of client relations at the law firm Genovese Joblove & Battista, is also a delegate. All are registered as lobbyists at County Hall. 

Jorge Luis Lopez was also in Spain with the Mayor. 

All three of these guys ARE JUST TOO CLOSE. Llorente, Ralph Garcia-Toledo's wife Vicky are lobbyists for CH2M Hill on this giant contract. Regarding what is going on read these two articles:

The Miami Herald on this contract. 

THIS WHOLE THING SHOULD BE LOOKED AT WITH A FINE TOOTH COMB. TOO MANY FRIENDS INVOLVED. Too much hanky panky. I thought Mayor Gimenez was different but he is just like Alex Penelas always with a bevy of lobbyists at his side. Also read Miami New Times, Francisco Alvarado on Toledo, very good article.


Anonymous said...

I voted for Julio Robaina.

Anonymous said...

Llorente and Gimenez are related to each other.

Alexandria said...

CH2M Hill are like the Black Ops of our Government. They need to be investigated and charged. Our entire state is under siege from Miami to Tallahassee. The hemorrhage is something taxpayers can no longer afford. sadly we continue to just take it and say nothing. Hopefully divine intervention will step in and end the nightmare...........

Anonymous said...

If we allow these scum to continue running county hall for another four years, we are all responsible! August 30th is around the corner. Vote these bastards out!

Anonymous said...

$200 an hour for this creep! There are people in this county that cannot afford to pay their water bill. To think these poor people are paying a water bill that goes right in the pocket of the Mayor's Aide is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

When Penelas made the lobbyists rich, the Miami Herald published the "Wheel of Fortune"graphic. They should do it again. It's a pretty big wheel at this stage, if you include his family and the inner circle that goes to Europe with him every summer.

Anonymous said...

CH2M iHILL is making Lots of $$$$ by using GT. Everyone at CH2M HILL kisses GT's hands and feet everyday. Did you ever see the other fat man at CH2M HILl? He is another GT.

Anonymous said...

We said it in 2012 and again in 2016. Mayor Carlos Gimenez is our local version of Donald Trump. He cares only about himself and sometimes about his family. The corruption cartel runs from the lobbyists/consultants/contractors through Rafael Garcia Toledo then to the mayor. From Garcia Toledo there extends a $3 million tentacle of campaign and PAC monies. Those monies in turn extend to absentee ballot brokers throughout our county which includes people such as Jose Luis Castillo, Al Lorenzo, Alina Garcia, Vivian Cassals, Esther Neuhfer etc, etc., From there the monies get diluted to the peasant absentee ballot collectors in every county and city low income housing complex and elderly meal hall. The ballots will arrive in early August and a week later the harvest will bring Gimenez another four years to reap more benefits and fortune. By the time those community minded citizens go vote at the precincts on August 30th this mayoral election would have already been decided. Democracy? NOT!

Anonymous said...

If you are fed up with King Gimenez and his entrenched and incestuous lobbyists, organize, mobilize and throw him out on election day along with his merry band of blood suckers.

Gimenez has been a fixture in Miami-Dade politics for far too long. His tenure has created legions of special interests and lobbyists and has adversely affected the direction of the county. The casino is rigged.

When Homestead finally had enough of Mayor Lynda Bell, they threw her out. If you don't like what you see and hear, throw Gimenez out.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Gimenez just submitted a Budget with a $400 Million increase over last year. Yup. Gimenez wants taxpayers to pay $400 Million more! Guess which employees and which lobbyists get raises?

Anonymous said...

Gimenez raising taxes again! For 2016-2017 he proposes a $400 Million increase.