Monday, June 27, 2016

FPL wants a raise, why? For lying about Turkey Point Nuclear and ruining South Biscayne Bay? Lying to regulators? Killing solar choice? ... by gimleteye

The following notice is from Sierra Club, an environmental group made of regular citizens who believe that change is possible to protect taxpayers' interest and a better future.

Sierra Club is urging citizens to attend Miami's sole opportunity to speak out in opposition to the 24 percent rate increase sought by South Florida's monopolistic electric utility, FPL.

The group's critics, like the Florida Farm Bureau, call Sierra Club advocates; "environmental extremists".

What is extremist about standing up for solar choice? For clean water? How are Club activists "extremist" for asking and trying for years to obtain disclosure and enforcement by the state of violations by FPL at Turkey Point nuclear facility?

The real extremists are top shareholders and highly paid executives of FPL who use expensive, glossy and poll-tested marketing campaigns to persuade ratepayers they deserve a raise.

That form of extremism is the predictable consequence of monopolies and special interests who control the levers of power in Florida.

And by the way, don't forget who appointed members of the Public Service Commission that rubber stamps what FPL wants: Gov. Rick Scott and his cronies including Ag. Secretary Adam Putnam. Political leaders you voted for just gave FPL the right to pollute South Biscayne Bay and a national park for 10 additional years which means, effectively, FPL will never be held accountable unless groups like Sierra Club sue FPL and the state in federal court.

Ask not what environmental groups like Sierra Club can do for you, ask what you can do for Sierra Club in battleground states like Florida.

Speak out against proposed 24% FPL rate hike

Think FPL deserves a raise?

Please plan to attend one of the FPL rate hike hearings in our community this upcoming Monday (and Wednesday) at the place and times below. It will be a unique opportunity to directly address the Florida Public Service Commission on FPL's proposed 24% rate hike - which includes more profit for FPL.

Do you think FPL deserves a raise? There are talking points below

The meetings will take place

Miami: Monday, June 27th 6:00 PM Miami Dade County Auditorium 2901 West Flagler St.;

Miami Gardens: Wednesday, June 29th 9:30 AM Florida Memorial University 15800 NW 42nd Ave.

Talking Points

- FPL proposes to raise its customers' rates by 24%. The "average" customer bill (1,000 kWh per month) will increase by about $14 per month - if you use more than the "average," your monthly bill will increase by even more.

- As part of its increase, FPL is requesting to be allowed to make more profit. It now is now allowed to earn 10.5% on its investments - it wants that increased to 11.5%. Each percentage point increase is another $165 million profit for FPL.

- FPL made a profit last year (2015) of $1.65 Billion. Now they are asking for more profit at a time when many S. Florida customers are struggling to pay their current monthly bills.

- In 2014, the company gutted conservation programs which help consumers reduce their energy use and save money on power bills. They argued that helping customers save energy was too expensive and now their energy efficiency programs are virtually nonexistent.

- FPL has known since the 1970s that the 168 miles of cooling canals for the Turkey Point nuclear reactors were leaking waste into ground water on the banks of Biscayne Bay and did nothing. Now they say the cleanup will cost $50 million this year alone. Customers will foot the bill for FPL's mistake - this is not included in the rate hike will be an additional cost on customers.

- FPL continues to charge customers for 2 additional proposed nuclear reactors at Turkey Point plant that the company has not even committed to actually build. Customers have paid $282 million so far & FPL is asking for another $22 million - this is not included in the rate hike will be an additional cost on customers.

- FPL recently joined forces with Koch Brothers-funded groups to derail a popular citizen initiative - vying for the 2016 ballot - that would have provided more customer choice for solar power in the Sunshine State. FPL was a leader of the shadowy organization that launched its own competing solar initiative. They successfully derailed the effort by cynically confusing voters and forcing a price war for paid signature gatherers with the citizen initiative to thwart the popular solar choice amendment. Bottom line: FPL spent many millions of dollars of profit - that they make off customers like you - to beat back an effort that would have given you solar choice.
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Anonymous said...

It is stupid and immoral to allow a monopoly like FPL dictate public policy related to solar Energy in the Sunshine State. Solar energy production in Florida has the potential to eclipse tourism as an industry and become the state's biggest export creating thousands of small businesses and employing hundreds of thousands of high tech and related employment. Only obstacle are greedy politicians and monopolies.

Anonymous said...

Funny, how crony capitalism is able to run guberment sooooo efficiently!
This is what you get when eliminating and rooting out minor party participation, like, Ooooooh horrors: Communism.