Monday, June 20, 2016

Acting To Reverse Climate Change: A Note En Route To Greenland ... by gimleteye

The photo was taken yesterday, flying over Hudson Bay. Next stop, this morning: Greenland.

The ice forms in the photo, taken at 6M feet, are mesmerizing. There is no mathematical formula to explain how this majestic beauty was formed.

Humans have undertaken to use nature in a great experiment. Call it: the unaccounted costs of growth. Burning fossil fuels releases massive amounts of stored carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Now that the planet is rapidly warming, the C02 we added to the atmosphere is enabling the release of massive amounts of another greenhouse gas -- methane -- stored in the arctic permafrost into the atmosphere as well.

For decades we dithered as our additions of C02 piled up. Our industrialized economies are tampering with nature in a vast, uncontrolled experiment: dump as much C02 into the atmosphere as we can and see what happens. Scientists have warned us: we know what happens.

Around the world, the results are readily visible. Temperatures are rising to levels where humans will struggle to survive. The emphasis here: beginning. No one knows how our man-made experiment with nature ends, because the last time there was so much C02 in the atmosphere, dinosaurs roamed the earth. Not humans.

Remember this election cycle: there is one political party in the United States that won't acknowledge climate change is man-made. 

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