Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trump Ratchets Up GOP Hostility To Science ... by gimleteye

A week of disarray in the Donald Trump camp showed the candidate driving his campaign from one point of antagonism to another, playing hop-scotch on grievances of angry white males.

In doing so, Trump is exposing a deep Republican mistrust of science. In California, he proclaimed to farmers, "there is no drought", which must have come as a great relief to them buckling under the impacts of the worst drought in hundreds of years.

Trump is also mouthing off against the science of climate change, pandering to a host of Republican preferences for fossil fuels.

Click on the link, to see how the USGS interprets recorded temperature changes and projects the future of a planet too hot even for Donald Trump:

This animated spiral portrays the simulated changes in the global averaged monthly air temperature from 1850 through 2100 relative to the 1850 - 1900 average. The temperature data are from Community Climate System (CCSM4) global climate model maintained by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. The simulation is for the IPCC Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5 (RCP8.5) emission scenario. RCP8.5 is the most aggressive scenario in which green house gases continue to rise unchecked through the end of the century, leading to an equivalent of about 1370 ppm CO2, which is roughly four times the concentration at present. The CCSM4 simulation is part of the 5th Climate Model Intercomparison Program (CMIP5) and the data can be downloaded at The 21st century animations are an extension of the graphic ( for the 1850-2010 observed air temperature created by E. Hawkins at Reading University, UK.

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Anonymous said...

He is shifting his positions on many things. Maybe he will shift his position on science too before the election. Then if he is elected President, he will shift back to his original position.