Monday, May 09, 2016

South Florida Mother's Day Weekend Events in Pictures. By Geniusofdespair

The 2016 Orange Bowl Paddle Championship

I went for the big noon race between the City of Miami and Key Biscayne but I couldn't exactly figure out who won. I stayed for the fun. Adventure Sports was giving free rides and I took advantage thank you Kent.

City of Miami Commissioners Ken Russel, Francis Suarez and Frank Carollo participated. Our X man was there but County Commissioner Xavier Suarez stayed on shore. He had been a longtime advocate for water sports in Miami, I remember Commissioner Suarez coming to our windsurfing event when he was Mayor of the City.

Josh Collins, an injured Army veteran, was there and he got a warm response from the crowd. He arrived on his Board with two police boats. He is trying to set the world paddling record. He expects to finish with 3,500 on the board. The City and the State of Florida both recognized him with proclamations and he got money from two groups. Josh is doing it to bring focus on the plight of wounded vets.

I think This was the Key Biscayne vs. Miami race. A bit of chaos.

Commissioner Ken Russell
Commissioner Francis Suarez family (I did get the names but I forgot them)

I went on Mother's Day. They said the crowd was off from the day before. But, I can't believe that you could put any more people on a beach.

There was not a stitch of sand to get down to the water. I had to walk through tents of people sitting there and under umbrellas. This is only looking North. South was just as crowded.

The F35A Lightning II piloted by D-Rail
I asked by Will "D-Rail" Andreotta how long I would be vomiting if I was flying with him. He said once I started I wouldn't stop. I therefore decided not to ask for a ride.

Okay what do expect of a cell phone.

Watch the damn video it is only 9 seconds. It is our $400 Billion fighter jet that never worked!!!! It has a nice sound.


Anonymous said...

The marine stadium basin and parking areas appear to be a good site for these type of events.

Anonymous said...

I really don't see artificial turf making it better. Maybe less hot for feet.

WOM said...

I watched the video... It is posted on the Wings Over Miami page.

Anonymous said...

I hope you wore a lot of sunscreen!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, nice post. Great to be in South Florida (sometimes).!

Anonymous said...

The area south and east of Marine Stadium was supposed to be grass. Instead, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Alice Bravo and Danny Alfonso arranged for the entire area to be paved with asphalt. Too bad Ken Russell was never involved in the City before deciding to run for the $100,000+ per year part-time job of commissioner. There are scams going back 20+ years of which he is unaware.

cyndi said...

I used to love that show when I lived down south. I used book patients that lived near there in a high rises for a good view.