Thursday, May 05, 2016

Miscarriages of Justice: Voter Fraud and Commissioner Pepe Diaz Acquitted. by Geniusofdespair

We all saw the police video of Pepe Diaz caught driving his motorcycle drunk. He dropped the Harley on the ground and the police had to help pick it up. Well he was acquitted because, believe it or not he was smart enough not to blow. Without the breath-alcohol test there was enough doubt. Watch the video, you decide.

Second Video of arrest of Pepe. He is visibly drunk.


The voter absentee ballot fraud case during the Mark Bell campaign for Hudstead Mayor was dropped. The witnesses wouldn't testify/cooperate. Even though they had the fingerprints of the suspects all over the absentee ballots the trial was a no go. And, there was a TV video about that one. I believed the family of Robkevia Scott might have been given incentive NOT to testify. I reported this story January 27, 2014.

The Miami Herald reported:

It seemed like the rare, slam-dunk case of voter fraud.

Two men stood accused of unlawfully handling four other people’s mail-in ballots in the 2013 Homestead mayoral election, filling at least one of them for precisely the candidates the voter didn’t want to vote for. Miami-Dade County investigators had a palm print and fingerprints, phone records, and suspicious stories from the defendants.

What they didn’t count on: lack of cooperation from the voters who were victims of the purported fraud — even though the voters themselves were the ones who initially alerted authorities they had been duped.

At the first trial, the witnesses changed their original testimony. At the second, one of the witnesses testified she didn’t remember the day the incident took place altogether.

And so, James Brady and Samuel Jean, the two campaign workers charged with voter fraud in 2014, didn’t go to jail.

This sucks. Both stories suck. Donald Trump sucks. Everything sucks. Traffic is a sucky, sucky, sucky day.


snooker said...

his girls had his stuff; CLASSIC LOL

Anonymous said...

Dipshits make the world an interesting, yes and a toxic place to live. Hopefully, hopefully, the lesson learned is humility or at least fear of getting caught again.

Anonymous said...

F-ing pathetic. Makes one wonder how if this, caught on video, can be 'fixed' for Pepe, how can we hope that less obvious corruption be snuffed out.

Screw you Pepe!

Anonymous said...

What about the charge for driving 74 in a 30mph zone? 44 over?! That's usually a license suspension I believe.

Anonymous said...

Your regular Joe is sent through one hundred hoops and hurdles for the exact same act. In Banana Republic Jose gets off in a breeze because of his position and who he knows. Sick. Disgusting.

Geniusofdespair said...

He can't drive for fun only work but he can call anything work--- rubber chicken All work Pepe.

Anonymous said...

Such bullshit! What a pathetic piece of garbage.
Pepe rules the Banana Republic, a county full of corruption.

It didn't used to be like this before the 80's!!

Anonymous said...

You didn’t post the damaging video when Diaz failed the sobriety field test. Do everyone a favor and post this video on your web site as a pop screen.

Zwoman said...

All of my lawyer friends say "Don't Blow" Your licence will be suspended if you fail "to blow" because when you get your license you sign that you agree that if you refuse "to blow" your license will be suspended. But it beats the hell out of a DUI conviction. So learn from Pepe, "Don't Blow"

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice the similarities between this Bell case and the one involving her daughter brandishing a gun at a party a few years ago ? Same result. All of the witnesses suddenly had amnesia or changed their stories. Result: Charges dropped. Strange coincidence or did the witnesses suddenly "find" some nice walking around money laying on thier doorstep ?

Anonymous said...

The elites never blow into a tube. That's only for the general population.