Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Get The Facts: US Sugar's William White Pardoned By Florida Gov. Rick Scott ... by gimleteye

Last February, we wrote: "When charity that begins at home, wrecks the home: US Sugar Corporation and the Charles Stuart Mott Foundation".

The report chronicled the political activities and demagoguing by the largest sugarcane producer, US Sugar Corporation, and its principal owners; a charitable foundation run by the descendants of Charles Stuart Mott including its CEO, William S. White.

CEO of US Sugar Corporation
William S. White
The political activities of Big Sugar are not a secret nor is Big Sugar's role in channeling state water policies to ensure that it gets what it wants, when it wants.

Last February was an important break with the past. Historic January rainfall in the Lake Okeechobee and South Florida regions -- four to five times the average -- caused the US Army Corps of Engineers to release hundreds of billions of contaminated water straight into Republican leaning districts in a presidential election year.

Although flushing filthy Lake O water is not new -- it happened many times before and with  predictable dire environmental consequences -- this was the first time that the Big Sugar playbook ran into massive public anger and resentment -- not by environmentalists -- but a public energized through social media.

Groups like Bullsugar.org and the SWFL Clean Water Movement pointed out the truth to hundreds of thousands of Facebook members:  namely, that property owners and taxpayers are being used as Big Sugar's sacrifice zones.

What people understood, thanks to social media in 2016, was that Big Sugar's deals -- like US Sugar in 2014 ferrying the state's top GOP politicians including Scott, Putnam and Caldwell to a private hunting retreat at the King Ranch in Texas -- put peoples' quality of life, real estate values and health at risk. At Eye On Miami, we were virtually alone calling Big Sugar's self-induced crisis as a death knell for the candidacy of its preferred GOP presidential candidate: US Senator Marco Rubio.

What voters and taxpayers understand is that the end to the pollution crisis rocking Florida's east and west coasts would have been within reach if the the US Sugar deal had been consummated in 2015. That didn't happen because US Sugar and politicians throttled it and then the rains began to fall.

Six months later, it is June 2016, and Floridians who live, who swim, fish and recreate on coastal waters are at risk from dangerous and toxic blue green algae blooms spewing from Lake Okeechobee into linked waterways.

US Sugar Corporation has ramped up attacks against its critics; buying television advertisements on local news, taking out daily full page ads and buffing local business groups and councils to a high sheen. Concurrently, Gov. Rick Scott -- micromanaging environmental policies through the water districts' governing boards -- has taken a rough and combative tone: "Get The Facts".

So let's get the facts on Gov. Rick Scott's pardon of one William White on June 24, 2015 (see: minute 51:00) What was William White pardoned for and why? You can see the look of surprise on the attorney's face when Gov. Scott nearly jumps his shadow to cut off normal disclosure of offense and rational for pardon.

Was it a garden variety criminal offense? Let's get the facts, Gov. Scott.


Geniusofdespair said...

In the video at the bottom I consolidated the happenings at the hearing the video is a little over a minute). It is easy to watch. WATCH IT! Why don't we know what White was pardoned for??? That is the big question --- what are they hiding??

Anonymous said...

this was the guy who "lead" USS when the employees ("employee owned at this point") to decline two offers to purchase USS and "surpress" the stock price thus causing many USS employees to make much less when they retired. Also at some point employees were barred from attending yearly shareholder meetings as USS claimed the shares were held in "trust" for the employees, and that held up in court. the record is blank on what this guy was convicted of

Anonymous said...

Could it be that he got "whitewashed" after talking out of school previously, and then towed the line again?
The other YouTube videos sure look like he is very outspoken about financial constructs.
So we have nebulous politics in the sunshine state, by no other then Rick Scott, who knew!
By November we might get the same nationwide.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention, that very little of the sugar grown here in the United States is consumed here, most of it gets shipped to Central America. Also that BIG SUGAR is subsidized by OUR Government. Storing this huge amount of sugar is paid for by OUR Government at a cost of over $9 Million dollars each year. Wake up Americans, get MONEY out of politics -- it used to be hidden and denied, today it is flaunted and bragged about!!!

Anonymous said...

So we have no idea the felony that was committed by William White?

Prem Lee Barbosa said...

Very unfortunate misuse of gubernatorial responsibilities.

Excuse me, I have a suggestion.
For a hearing which happened nearly a year ago I imagine a digital copy of that meeting must be available as a public record. It would improve the quality of audio and video, as well as eliminate any reflection from your monitor.

Anonymous said...

I'm SURE unrelated, but White is a huge Scott/GOP donor!

In 2010, US Sugar Corporation invested $100,000 in opposition to Fair Districts, the constitutional amendment to prohibit gerry-mandering that passed with more than 60 percent of a populist vote. The corporation donated more than $2.6 million to the Republican Party and Gov. Scott’s re-election committee since 2012. U.S. Sugar gave $200,000 and competitor Florida Crystals and subsidiaries contributed $275,000 to the campaign of Gov. Rick Scott, (“US Sugar Corporation makes big contribution to Scott’s inauguration, Treasure Coast Newspaper, Dec. 12, 2014).

Anonymous said...

I thought only a U.S. President could pardon federal charges! He was convicted in Virginia.

Anonymous said...

I looked on their website. No records available. The hearing shows nothing except his attorney speaking. The guv interrupts the attorney and says, "full pardon."

Geniusofdespair said...

Someone said the video is gone this is a video of the video. I just looked at it july 159