Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Are there any climate change deniers, who are not Republicans in elected office? ... by gimleteye

In case you haven't noticed: "April rainfall was less than half of average across South Florida. South Florida Water Management District meteorologists reported today that only 1.19 inches of rain fell during the month, representing 45 percent of average, or 1.43 inches below average."

In case you didn't notice: "Widespread January rainfall set a record with 476 percent of average for the dry season month across the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), District meteorologists reported today. A total of 9.18 inches of rain fell District-wide in January, representing 7.25 inches above average."

From the UK Guardian: "The next time you hear someone call into question the threat of human-caused climate change, you might explain to them that the likelihood we would be witnessing the recent record warmth in the absence of human-caused climate change is somewhere between one-in-a-thousand and one-in-a-million. You might ask them: Would you really gamble away the future of our planet with those sorts of odds?"

We are not going back to "normal" weather. So why are voters electing "normal" candidates and incumbents who deny climate change and put their confidence in polluting industries? Even Texas Republicans in Houston are waking up to the climate destruction in their backyards. But in Florida, we are stuck with Gov. Rick Scott and Agriculture Secretary Adam Putnam, his wing man.


Anonymous said...

Drain the road, put some zombies in the photo, and you already have a set for the AMC show "The Walking Dead".

Anonymous said...

When are people going to stop treating gop'ers (especially elected ones and their lackeys) with the respect they don't deserve? They deserve to be addressed and described as flat-earthers, fascists, reactionaries, ostrich f'ers and worse; the situation demands it and they deserve it.

Geniusofdespair said...

Oh man, first anonymous, you gave me an idea for a photoshop. The answer to Gimleteye's question:


Anonymous said...

I heard alligators are mating one month earlier this year causing them to run on Florida's rural roads and causing accidents which usually is suppose to start end of May.

Anonymous said...

Could you please give the ultimate scientic proof that climate change exists?
I don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

"Could you please give the ultimate scientific proof that climate change exists?"
O boy, The proof will arrive about the same time you die, that's when you "prove" that dead exists!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course you wont be able to query the point then.