Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Who can change FPL's corporate behavior at Turkey Point? ... by gimleteye

FPL and its corporate parent, NextEra Energy Inc., want to get away as far as possible from protesters it has stirred up in South Florida with its heavy-handed corporate behavior. The $20 billion company decided to take its annual meeting to Oklahoma whose own U.S. Senator James Inhofe has called climate change "the biggest hoax in history".

At the May 19th meeting, executives will entertain certain shareholder proposals like the one I filed on sea level rise:

NEE Shareholder Memorandum

AT a time when the science and evidence of sea level rise is piling up, corporate America is unwilling to fundamentally change its orientation and outlook. Two pressure points -- financing and insurance -- still are mostly talking points. There is just too much money being made by maintaining and defending the status quo. In Florida that status quo includes the Rick Scott administration and the Florida Cabinet especially Agriculture Secretary Adam Putnam.

Late last year, Scott deferred to Putnam who lead the Cabinet vote approving the siting of two new nuclear reactors by FPL at Turkey Point. When a state appeals court overturned the decision last week, Gov. Scott and Putnam scoffed.

Voters will have a chance to turn Scott and Putnam, Bondi and the rest from office, starting with state legislative races in November. That would be a beautiful morning. With FPL, the path is not so clear.

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Anonymous said...

Can we get some OKC enviros to express our FPL demands? E.g., Looks like Sierra Club and some environmental groups are active in Oklahoma City and they are protesting power company rate hikes and fracking/earthquake generating fracking such as FPL is doing with its investment in gas company? http://www.sierraclub.org/oklahoma