Friday, April 01, 2016

What is new in Hudstead with Wayne Rosen and that Stupid Itty Bitty Golf Course. By Geniusofdespair

Homestead is a town of Good Old in the Movie Hud.
Congress established the Immigrant Investor Program, or EB-5 program, in 1990 in order to stimulate the U.S. economy. Under this program, the foreign national must invest $500,000 or $1 million, depending on where the project is located, in a new commercial enterprise in the United States.''
Coincidentally, Wayne Rosen -- Eye on Miami's proclaimed boss man of hudstead -- is now President of EB-5 in Miami, Inc. a for profit Corporation. What is that about? Does Wayne want to use EB-5 funds now that other  more local public dollars are drying up?

In other Hudstead news Keys Gate Community Association formed in 1987, officially started a new Corporation on March 3, 2016.  Their name is Keys Gate Community Association Two (KGCA 2).  Why did they do this? Same officers. Did they transfer land to this Corporation? Does it have to do with the Speedway threats and to prevent discovery of the KGCA books?  Maybe they just think the"2" is a pretty cool number. Don't know the answers. Trying to figure out Hudstead in like trying to find a rotten tomato in a 4 cubic yard dumpster. You have to jump right in and do a lot of digging as the inbred Hudstead bunch, financed by the boss man, are just not talking.

And speaking of inbred, where did Bateman, who is broke, get money for a donation?

Something is scrambled in Homestead and it ain't eggs.


Anonymous said...

So let's see, that golf course has been in existence for what, 20 years maybe more. It's changed hands multiple times. Does Rosen really think he can make a go of it? Nope. He'll get it handed to him at little cost and flip it to some sucker for a big profit.

Anonymous said...

Let the city have it. Cut Vincent Fazio out of the equation because sand does not cost $12,000,000.
The property would be a huge boost for the community without the likes of Rosen and his cronies involved. Remember Rosen's most notorious gift to Homestead was the convicted felon Steve Bateman. He owes Hudstead for that crook's actions.

Anonymous said...

The EB-5 Golf and Country Club Villas. Sounds like a Homestead deal.

Anonymous said...

Itty bitty is right the course will be a miniature golf course by the time Rosen is done building on it. 150 acres was the original size.

Anonymous said...

Spend the tax payers money great job.

Anonymous said...

G.O.D. I know you are ahead of your time but 3016? We will all be sub atomic particles by then. Except maybe WR according to Hudstead rumor mill he might be a vampire.

Geniusofdespair said...

Oops! It was Paul Newman's fault.