Tuesday, April 19, 2016

To All The Bullsugar.Org Readers. By Geniusofdespair

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Bullsugar People North of Miami: Thank you for posting and reading some our sugar related blog posts here at Eye on Miami. I love what you are all doing: Uniting to help save Florida.

Both Alan and I are environmentalists first, we have worked together as environmentalists before starting this blog in 2006 and we have not been paid nor do we take advertising. We have always been involved with issues over sugar pollution and other water pollution. We both have garnered the John V. Kabler Award from the Everglades Coalition (over 50 member Environmental Groups), Alan in 2003 and I got it in 2007.

The blog was started because we realized without good politicians you can't expect good results. If any of you voted for Rick Scott, you should not be surprised when you see your pristine water turn brown. It is not just him, his influence goes further. His appointees are not helping us. The solution of releasing polluted water from the Lake to both Coasts has to stop and no one in State Government has the will to do it, or the will to stop Big Sugar from dumping tainted water off their land into the ecosystem.

I know many of you shun Democratic candidates in Florida but unless we turn around our State Legislature, all the complaining in the world will not keep our environment healthy. I implore you to educate yourself before you vote. I know only a couple of candidates running in your area. Christopher McVoy, a Scientist working on the Everglades, dismissed by the South Florida Water Management District during the funding purge by the Florida Legislature a few years back. Scientists were the first to go. Chris was a great advocate of the Everglades and he cares deeply about the Environment. The only other candidate I know is Adam Locke. Adam I have known for decades. He is running for Property Appraiser of St. Lucie County. We met as windsurfers and both became environmentalists. He is a good listener and he is very clever, he thinks out of the box. Adam loves the water for recreating, he cares about clean water issues and he is horrified by the condition of the water now and the fish kills. His twin daughters are great sailors and his wife Julie is also an environmental advocate. Adam and I fought environmental issues together way back when in Miami.

The point here is not just to mention candidates. I am telling you we have to CHANGE the legislature to preserve Florida's glorious environmental gifts. We need a purge of the Republican dominated State House and Senate. For example John Thrasher was one of the worst politicians for the Environment. Read our archives on him. Who remembers  Thrasher? He began his political career in 1986 and wreaked havoc on the environment until he left office in 2014. And you wonder why we have problems? The only Environmentalist Republican I know is Ray Judah of Fort Myers, and he was drummed out of office by his own party in 2012. He was fighting against the water releases to the West Coast.

John Thrasher
You can't get good government with an overwhelming majority party in both houses. I don't know one Democrat that can get an environmental bill passed. Only "feel good bills" are acceptable from Democrats. The Republicans killed the State growth management agency -- the Department of Community Affairs -- and diluted their mandate to zero. It had been one of the only avenues for Environmentalists to litigate.

Environmentalist have to constantly turn to expensive petition drives to put things in the Constitution because we can't count on our leadership in Tallahassee. Whine all you want, but until you take action with who you elect, and fork over some dough to good candidates, nothing will change.


beulah buckrah said...

i remember John Thrasher -- he's the one who, as President of Florida State University, has presided over the hand-over of the academic integrity of FSU to the Koch Brothers' obscene money-driven paranoia that they will not end up with every single marble in the game... so they bought FSU's Business School with grants and endowments... yep, John Thrasher has the Koch's phone number on speed-dial, i'm sure of it...

Anonymous said...

The quality of life in South Florida is on a downward spiral due to republican deniers of facts and science. The only way to change this is to elect representatives and senators that work for the residents, not special interests, developers, lawyers, and connected players. Many bills are written by lobbyists and special interests, not elected officials.Unless this changes, the downward spiral will continue.

Anonymous said...

To grab riches in a capitalistic society, other human beings and creatures are used and made to fail in order to amass piles of wealth to purchase piles of consumables. Just like any criminal mind, the outcome of disease, destruction, harm to anyone and anything isn't bothersome.

To see the entire watershed in the state of FL destroyed without throught to a tomorrow - it is beyond my scope of reasoning. Where do you pick up and move to when this unique and beautiful place is fully wrecked? Some other villain will have gotten there first and that new retreat will also be a Superfund site.

Anonymous said...

The governor won't utter the words climate change nor will he let the words be spoken by State Staff. How crazy is he?

cyndi said...

want to know works for John Thrasher- Sarah Bascom who also work for the Everglades Coalition.
At any rate the destruction cannot continue as well as the bs and the lies. I thank goodness for you and Alan everyday!

Anonymous said...

You know, what is even more sad, is the inability of the electorate to even think properly about political and state craft maters.
For a wile now I see the US to be in a place like Germany around 1932, give or take a few Years. Now, when things are exploitative, like we seen in Egypt or other country's in that neck o the woods, people rose up and demanded better, under much more trying circumstances then in the US. So what is it, that keeps the cattle go willingly to the slather house? Why is reform of the system not gaining any footing?
The crushing of reform in other country's, is easy explained by it's brutality. We are not there, yet.
It's good and great to fight for the environment, clean water and air and so fort. But the whole train is going nowhere with piece meal approach to problems. The whole environmental concerns came first into focus in the sixty's. That's all ready a looooooong time ago, with some good beginnings, and later reversals.
Rabbit communism finally blew up, much faster for fascism, what will it take for miss-guided crony capitalism? Unless reform takes place, not much will change. I guess some people understand this intuitively, hence the willingness to vote for the rock the boat guys, after they where promised change, two election cycles ago.
The Florida water issue is chicken feed, compared to the global warming problems, that should have been addressed in the sixty's and solved in the eighty's. Nobody has a solid plan and commitment for global warming now, and it's already past twelve o clock on this one.
Actually I do have a proposal:
Rebuild Cuba the best and latest environmental way. This will take a government willing to impose it's will on the people, a people willing to suffer the will of the government, and the US eager to, this time, truly help a country become a model of the future. The conditions in Cuba are already in place, what's missing is the self less nature in the US. Then in about twenty Years, when the Cuban model starts gaining momentum, the rest of the world suffering their staying the course, will maybe follow suite. All won't be well for many, but it could be a real turning point.

Anonymous said...

Which company is poisoning Floridians faster? Fpl or Big Sugar?

Geniusofdespair said...

Good Question: my answer, Bad voting, the politicians that let/help the two crush the good in our great State for their own profit.

mesa wind said...

Tim Canova and Alan Grayson are progressives that will make a difference they endorsed Bernie Sanders and arw making a run in Florida. Now that this disaster is so huge it should be much easier to get such filth out of office . I'd actually like to see impeachments happen as the misconduct & corruption is so egregious.

In the meantime emergency remediation in areas with manatees and other critical habitats , can we use 55 gallon drums of 35% hydrogen peroxide as an option to oxygenate, purifies and counteract algae? I had heard one of the criticisms was it would cause a toxic die off but that's already happening anyway.

Thank you for your efforts