Monday, April 25, 2016

The Miami Herald comes through on NUKE Dangers. By geniusofdespair

The Miami Herald has a Lengthy article about the Chernobyl disaster. I have to admit I am very proud of the Miami Herald for printing this when FPL is in all out public relations war to regain your trust at the FPL NUKE plant that is leaking tainted water into Card Sound, our pristine Biscayne Bay and causing saltwater intrusion into our aquifer (I.e. Our drinking water).

The Miami Herald finally comes through for the citizens in its last two articles (see my post yesterday about the first article):

Ruined Chernobyl nuclear plant will remain a threat for 3,000 years

30 years since Chernobyl may seem like a long time, but it’s really just the start
Below reactor’s ruins is a 2,000-ton radioactive mass that can’t be removed

How do you protect a site for as long a time as Western civilization has existed?

Too lazy to read the excellent article in the Miami Herald? I know you are, you rascals.

Well then watch this damn video. I posted it in 2008. It is the best example of what happened at Chernobyl and best of all NO DIALOGUE just music but it is all there.

After watching my video I can't imagine you not going back to read the Miami Herald article peppered with photos for those who need images to read.


Anonymous said...

“We knew, with certainty, with arrogant certainty, that we were in control of the power we were playing with. We could make the forces of nature bend to our will. There was nothing we could not do,” recalls Sergiy Parashyn, who’d been an engineer at the plant since 1977 and had arrived there within the hour. “This was the day, of course, when we learned we were wrong.”

Read more here:

I think the point of featuring this story might be coincidental, but it might also be a way of the Herald -- a long time friend of FPL -- saying politely that the same arrogance that stained the world with Chernobyl is also at work at Turkey Point. The decades of assurances by FPL that everything with the cooling canal system was operating properly and within the confines of the law is a similar stain for which FPL/NextEra management has never been held accountable.

Anonymous said...

hate to use the cliché but if I owned a stopped clock, I would name it Herald.

David said...

It is disingenuous to suggest any parallel between the Chernobyl accident and any reactor built in the US. If you took the time to do a little research instead of irresponsibly fear-mongering against a company you have an obvious bias against, you might actually come across as responsible and mature. FPL is far from perfect...way far from perfect...but that in no way comes within light years of any Chernobyl-like disaster at Turkey Point. The design will not allow it. Start with temperature coefficients for both reactor types and then see what that mean as the water in the core gets hotter and hotter for both designs. Then take a look at the melting point for the moderator in the Chernobyl reactors (solid graphite) and compare it to the fact that US commercial reactors (including Turkey Point) are water moderated. And, graphite burns as it did in the Chernobyl accident. You are well within your rights to hate FPL if you wish, but to couch that hatred in the language of imminent nuclear meltdown in South Florida is irresponsible, hysterical and sophomoric.

Geniusofdespair said...

Good to hear from you David. He comes out of the woodwork every time we report negatively on FPL. I believe he worked there when they found a bullet hole in a pipe. How about you talk about the cooling canals David. Also respond to Ed Swakon's video. Tell us about Fukishima. Shit happens.