Thursday, April 21, 2016

"Macken Realty Inc." off the hook on my deal, "Owner's Choice Title" has an agent that still sucks In My Opinion by Geniusofdespair

Lillian and Jodi Macken 

I did a report on Macken Real Estate yesterday and this is the update:

April 21st - I met this morning with the two powerhouse women behind Macken Real Estate, both Lillian and Jodi Macken. We had a very nice meeting and I believe them when they told me that they did not know that our deal was not monitored correctly and that they were unaware of what the title company had done. All they were given was a release from us.

They made the title agent in question cry and that made me immensely happy.

I believe that their offer to sell my home in lieu of the problems I had with the title Company is more than fair, since they really don't control the title company.  To tell you the truth, I enjoyed their company and appreciated their candor. They wanted to make things right -- whatever was in their power -- and I appreciate it.

This is a company that stands behind its name and wants to maintain their reputation. We sorted out the whole convoluted story and the outcome is to my satisfaction. Thank you Jodi and thank you Lillian for valuing your reputation and wanting to be a righteous company. I look forward to your selling my house...quickly Jodi!