Thursday, April 07, 2016

Life Changing Performance in Miami by Jennifer Holliday. By Geniusofdespair

When I heard Jennifer Holliday was going to appear in Miami I ran to get tickets. She left me in awe last time I saw her about 30 years ago on Broadway in "Dreamgirls". I never forgot her performance.

Jennifer Holliday appeared in Miami last night and she still has it even though she is 200 pounds lighter and 30 years older. Holliday provides the same energy and emotion to her performance today. Her voice range is incredible. She is more mellow but the power is still there.

MOVE this classic live Video to 3 minutes to see one of the most emotive performances ever on Broadway, in my opinion. This was filmed at the Grammys.

I was lucky enough to see her last night and on Broadway as well. Bucket list performance for me -- never have I seen a singer put that much of herself in her singing.

Jennifer Hudson (who did the Dreamgirls movie) can not hold a candle to Jennifer Holliday's nuanced voice. Here you get to compare them in a rare duet. Unfortunately, Holliday does not use the sweetness that she has in her voice but she uses her power in this video and what power.

Her new album of love songs is called "The Song is You". Live she is fabulous, I don't think anyone gives a better performance.

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