Sunday, April 10, 2016

Amen on the Horrific Traffic in Your District Commissioner Zapata. By Geniusofdespair

County Commissioner Juan Zapata is right that traffic is worst in his district. It is a nightmare. Here is what Commissioner Zapata is proposing:
Excessive traffic congestion negatively impacts the lives of residents countywide, but residents of the West End suffer substantially more than the average Miami-Dade County resident.

With the issuing of this memorandum, I am respectfully urging the Administration and my colleagues on the Board of County Commissioners to support a building moratorium on new residential and commercial development in District 11 until we can develop a comprehensive plan that significantly alters the current path of the District.

No more development in the West End until traffic issues are addressed.
I hope the rest of the County Commission can support him on this. Way to go Juan! But remember, building more/wider roads in like loosening your belt to lose weight. It doesn't address the issue.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? He continually supported moving the UDB for his buddy's at US Century when he was in the legislator in Tallahassee and even attend community council meetings during that time. They've made a highway to no where on Krome Ave. in his district, which he supported, destroying farming and seriously threatening Redland and now? Build more roads so his buddy's can build more crap? He's like the fox in the hen house. What a load of rubbish. Where was concurrency when these applications of the current developers were approved? How about calling the "west end", Kendall, which is where it is. There is a West End in London, which is a very desirable place to live and the exact opposite of Kendall right now. How did her get to arbitrarily rename an entire community wihtout the community? What an egotistical a**. So, after they build more roads plus, how many more thousands of houses to no where with no jobs are going to be built or are in the pipeline right now. Nothing should be approved in the first place due to concurrency with the roads but the commission keeps doing so because they need more campaign contributions and Zapata needs them too, so why not get the County taxpayers to pay for what the developers should have paid for in the first place. What a scam.

Geniusofdespair said...

Where did he say he wants more roads? Maybe he wants rail. Maybe he feels he is built out. Maybe we need a dialogue here. Zapata had some major flooding not too long ago in his district. Sea level rise will come from the West.

Maybe the name will create community. It isn't Kendall. Kendall is further East. Anyway listen to the dialogue before you judge. This is a man grappling with how to make a community in a boxed in area. He is struggling with what he has inherited thanks to horrible, no vision Joe Martinez.

Anonymous said...

It's West Kendall, not "West End". Traffic has been a nightmare there and the commission he sits on kept approving development. Rail? Yes. But it should be expanded first to South Dade along the Busway which already exists from Dadeland to Florida City.

Zapata has historically voted and supported the development in his district too.

Anonymous said...

Too damn little, too damn late.

Anonymous said...

The entire county needs a moratorium not just Dist 11 but Comm Levine Cava's District 8 including Homestead. Hudstead is threatening to add more housing--apts to its populous 69,533(April 2015) count. Residents daily complain with gridlock on the turnpike to Miami The last 15 years of residents buying in East Homestead fret because of the long drive to Miami for their jobs. Cheaper prices for homes then, brought buyers to Homestead and now the long commute to
Miami. Will they ever get out of their cars? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Zapata should discuss advanced public transportation systems such as Hyperloop for cities. Miami Dade could be first in the country to deploy it. It is easier to develop and build and more efficient than rail. Federal grants may be grants available.

Anonymous said...

abdication of responsibility.he expects the mayor to decree that his district should have a special building moratorium.

that's not how it works and he knows it. talk about crass pandering to his constituents. the kendal homeowners people have been ragging on him to put an ordinance in place that would create a building moratorium, so he issues a memo asking for others to do it for him.

Anonymous said...

He's against Gimenez and that alone make him worth his weight in gold

Anonymous said...

JZ is a mixed bag. He's for good and bad. Needs to be watched.