Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WARNING: Watch Out for Those Phoney Letters to the Editor Supporting Nukes. By Geniusofdespair

The Clean and Safe Energy Coalition is a public relations campaign for new reactors. How can a public relations campaign have members? Only in crazy land Florida.

CASEnergy Coaltion was started in 2006, funded by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) industry group, and headed by former Bush Environmental Protection Agency administrator Christine Todd Whitman and former Greenpeace activist Patrick Moore. I wrote about this greenwash group in 2013.

Luz Weinberg, an ineffective former Aventura Commissioner wrote a letter today for them. Actually, they probably wrote it for her and she signed it as a "Member". Shame on you Luz Weinberg! Shame on you.

Kevin Doyle wrote a similar letter in the Sun Sentinel for Consumer Energy Alliance. Their website says: "CEA maintains several campaigns to engage voters on public policy that seeks to increase domestic energy production of all kinds" (except solar).

EDUCATE YOURSELF! Always looks up the group writing letters. They always have nice sounding names. FPL is all upset by their bad press and I suppose is enlisting these groups and their shills to clean up their image.

On a bad note: The evil Florida Cabinet just approved aquifer water for Turkey Point's cooling canals.


Anonymous said...

Typical lobbying for FPL to improve their bad press. Between salt water moving to impact our fresh water supply and radiation from the nuclear plants leaking into Biscayne Bay, we need our elected leaders to step up and stop these problems. Also stop 100,000,000 gallons of water a day for the plant.

Diane said...

Years ago I recall reading Biscayne Bay National Park coral reefs were being negatively impacted (dying) because heated water was being discharged from Turkey Point reactors into the bay.
Nuclear power may be the constructive use of the "bomb", but when things go wrong, the consequences can be quite serious.
It's a shame Florida isn't doing more to promote solar energy.

Alexandria said...

Turkey Point needs to be Shut down period. That plant is a disaster and FPL lies about it everyday. SFWMD board members, executives and staff should all be in jail. When asked if the extra 100 Million Gallons a day was good idea the cow administrator said absolutely at a SFWMD board meeting. We are now paying her a big fat pension. FPL has been neglecting maintenance for over 25 years in every phase of operations except paying their executives insane salaries and paying Bernie Madoff returns to their shareholders. FPL is a Ponzi scheme we can no longer afford. Florida is being destroyed by pollution to all groundwater and surface water from below and above. They have put their customers in jeopardy of failure since they only rely on 72% natural gas, the rest nuclear with 1% solar. Its a joke and the ratepayers & residents of South Florida will suffer. Florida should have at least put solar hot water heaters on every home since the Carter Administration but FPL didn't want that it would have cut profits. Whats really sad is besides Doyle and his goons there are plenty of pseudo - enviro entities who take big checks from FPL. I can tell you Marjorie Stoneman Douglas and Arthur Marshall are spinning in their graves.

cyndi said...

no legislators do not care about your water. I'm sure they have all bought shares in some water company and can't wait to reap the benefits. vote these bastards out!