Sunday, March 13, 2016

Marco Rubio @ Ocean Reef, Key Largo Florida ... by gimleteye

Friday night, Marco Rubio swooped on tired wings to Ocean Reef. He hoped for a big crowd, a crowd of hundreds. That did not happen. Rubio was elephant hunting for big money, and whether he found any is anyone's guess.

According to an observer, Rubio was on his sixth event of the day -- with more to follow. The candidate spoke for ten minutes. Rote talking points. He had no time for questions but did offer photo ops to the dwindling crowd.

It sounds like the flop sweat was on Marco at Ocean Reef. He has a tough job with die-hard Republicans, and especially with supporters of candidates he climbed over  -- Jeb Bush, for example.

Patricide doesn't play well at Ocean Reef. It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Then Rubio said good-bye and he was gone.


Anonymous said...

We should really boycott the Herald. What a piece of crap.
This newer negative article on Marc-ho Rubio is all but disappeared from their webpage. Do a search for it and it does not come up readily. BUT other pro-Marc-ho crap comes up continually. This clown can not disappear fast enough!

Rise and Stall of Marco Rubio

snooker said...

classic ocean reef; probably past everyones bed time.