Thursday, March 24, 2016

Horror Story in Florida State House District 118: Lynda Bell Rumor. By Geniusofdespair

It is rumored that the toxic former County Commissioner Lynda Bell will join the toxic David Rivera in this race.

Now this would cause the Republican Primary voters quite a dilemma.  Which one to vote for. I am sitting at my desk imagining the two and what I would do if I were stuck with that decision.

Really, I can't comprehend that Lynda would join a race with David Rivera as a candidate but stranger things have happened.

Here is a video of Steven Rojas Tallon. When someone says they are going to fight to regulation first thing, I don't like them. But he sure beats the other Republican choices.

All I could find for Anthony Rodriguez was a twitter account and a photo.

If you are going to vote in the Republican primary in this district, do your homework because you are stuck with Sophie's Choice.

As for the Democrats, they appear to have a pretty good candidate, Robert Asencio. I read his Facebook page.  And he is/was a cop so that should make all you Republican's happy.

From Robert Ascencio's Page:

Hello Friends, you already know me as Officer Robert Asencio, or as simply your friend and neighbor. For 26 years, I've served and protected Miami-Dade Schools, and now I'm running to serve our community in the Florida House of Representatives.

House District 118 has been my home for more than 16 years. Like you, I've watched countless politicians run for office in Miami. Like you, I've been frustrated at how ineffective most are at serving regular people like us.

I'm running because, like so many of you, I feel our legislators must be held accountable to the Floridians they serve. That is why I will uphold a higher standard of service, and always be accessible to you, and I'll never forget your everyday needs.

As your State Representative, I'll work every day for the good of all, rather than a fortunate few. I'm stepping forward, standing up for working Floridians and their families, and I hope you'll take the journey with us to Tallahassee.

Please take a moment to contact me, or support my campaign by making a donation at


Anonymous said...

Anthony Rodriguez is a buddy of Frank Artiles. Probably best to be done with those sorts of folk.

Anonymous said...

The most corrupt legislature in the nation needs no help staying on top of the list.

Anonymous said...

Sophie's choice. Sophie loved both her children. The choice here is they are both terrible.

Anonymous said...

vote for rivera. he will land in pokey and we will get a second bite at the apple, unless that would be an appointed seat...

Anonymous said...

Is Lynda going to use some of her windfall sell of the Redland Bed Bug Hotel (sorry I mean the Redland Hotel) to run for a higher seat? Go for broke Lynda. That is the way Hudstead found you. Did Sarah Palin inspire you? Tea Party Days are over.

Anonymous said...

Lynda is going to run, said so herself. Can't imagine what she's thinking after being such a failure.

Shawn Beightol said...

I'm a lifelong Republican who votes issues and by candidate character.

I have known Robert Ascencio professionally for years - we both work for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. I know his stand and fight have always been for what is right for the children and for the tax-payers who fund the educational system.

Robert has stood with the activists who have fought for years to expose and oppose the fraud inherent in any large system.

This is why I, a lifelong registered Republican, support Robert Ascencio for State House District 118.

- Shawn Beightol

Anonymous said...

recent history has shown no gop'er has character--unless it is of the very negative sort

Anonymous said...

no gop'er has decent character; history has shown that. History has shown that; dems have the character of jello. I vote for jello.