Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Going Green: Coral Gables is Catching Up to South Miami and Pinecrest. By Geniusofdespair

Coral Gables Commissioner Vince Lago of Coral Gables reports he has gone solar:
I have always been cognizant that Eye on Miami has been a proponent of sustainable living which includes options like solar and other green opportunities. In that regard, I am proud to inform the Blog about the much anticipated completion of adding solar panels to my home. For years, I have recognized the advantages of using solar power for sustainable living. Now, I finally have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits that come along with it.

By using the local financing program YGRENE, I was able to deflect the upfront costs of this project. To make matters even more convenient, recently, the City of Coral Gables passed a resolution which waives all permit fees for solar panel installations, and helps expedite the permit process. There were a few steps I took before installing the panels. First, I ensured my home was running on energy efficient appliances, LEED light fixtures and improved the insulation. At that point, my monthly energy usage was reduced to an average of $8.75 a month. Then, I sealed the deal with YGRENE, who offered immediate financing for energy efficient home improvements. In sum, I was able to install a total of thirty-eight US made Solarworld Solar panels. Ultimately, these panels will offset my electric use, and my total FPL bill should be $0. My home will even produce power for the electric car I plan to purchase later on this year.

With all of the local incentives along with a 30% ITC federal tax rebate, there has never been a better time to go solar!
As Vince goes solar (he proposed the Resolution waving the permit fees in the city) Mayor Jim Cason is concerned with sea level rise. Mayor Cason made a presentation at Empower Capable Climate Communicators on Feb. 28th. He showed the audience how Coral Gables is using Maps to plan and prepare for sea level rise. The City has had two sea level rise symposiums, supported by the entire Commission,  hosted by Commissioner Pat Keon and FIU. They are having a third one soon.

BTW, Vince Lago also proposed the Ordinance banning styrofoam that the State is rejecting. The City hasn't given up though, they recently passed a retroactive clause. Most of these green initiatives pass unanimously according to Vince.

A gold star to Coral Gables, now it is my suggestion that the City Beautiful join with the other Municipalities opposing the FPL mega power lines that will be going through Coral Gables. I am pretty sure they will be but I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

YGRENE is a bit of a sketchy outfit. Do some research on them.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Coral Gables is seeing the future.

Anonymous said...

Florida Building Codes are so weak that billions in defective condominiums will haunt Miami-Dade and Miami Beach forever. I personally hate fee waivers as the corruption in each municipality to alter codes is disgusting. Each building industry wants a cut of the waivers.

Anonymous said...

Miami-Dade Product Approval, which is required for certain products installed in the Miami-Dade High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) No surprise if these panels are exempt. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

The shame of it is that Cutler Bay was the first certified green city.The PACE program began with Cutler Bay. Now under Mayor Bell the town has taken steps backwards. For example, the community is asking the Mayor and council to purchase land on Old Cutler, adjacent to a wetland restoration project to become a park that would connect to park land in Palmetto Bay. But our council is so beholden to developers and the lobbyists that run their election campaigns they are hiding behind the attorneys to protect them from having to discuss the matter. Mayor Bell and the council should be ashamed that they are no longer leaders in protecting the environment, but now are known as leaders in bowing down to the lobbyists and developers.

Anonymous said...

Just looked up Cutler Bay who was Miami Dade's first certified Silver City. Apparently, Cutler Bay lost it's Florida Green Building Certification under Mayor Peggy Bell. She and the rest of the council should be ashamed! There is no excuse that other cities have moved past us. This November Sue Loyzelle is running for vice mayor, vote her out and vote in new representatives that will protect our environment and make us green again. Representatives that will also listen to the people and buy the property on Old Cutler for a park.

Anonymous said...

100% financing for payments up to 20 years. If you sell your home the payments transfer to the new owner. The new owner is going to be paying for old junk that needs to be replaced. The persons responsible for this scam should go before congress to answer for this. Are these cities so broke that they will book the improvements as property tax increases? They want the permit to show so they can bill for improvements?

Anonymous said...

Solar panels actually secure the roof, they are not a risk, know your facts Mr. FPL troll above. The solar systems are rated to 150mph winds in Miami-Dade Code. During last hurricane in north Florida people found that their roof blew off BUT not on the side with the panels. My panels can take winds of 200mph.

Think about it. All of the extra lag bolts that anchor the panels to the underlying roof struts means the the roof is MORE secured to the house,not less.

There is one problem with solar panels: they are an existential threat to FPL.

Problem with YGRENE, more expensive and more costs associated with filing fees but still a bargain that results in a 50% locked in reduction in power costs over life of panels (not including costs for Early Cost Recovery). Could be better...BUT FOR Florida law that forbids financing and leasing like Solarcity model...thanks FPL and their hos...Mar-ho, Miguel de la ho and on it goes.

Anonymous said...

"The new owner is going to be paying for old junk that needs to be replaced"

As if the existing roof, every single appliance, the sprinklers, etc won't have to be replaced?
As if the next owner may not see the panels and be deceived?
As if the next owner won't want the lack of an electric bill?

Such shortsighted, use it and toss it attitudes.

Anonymous said...

"Solar panels actually secure the roof, they are not a risk, know your facts Mr. FPL troll above. The solar systems are rated to 150mph winds in Miami-Dade Code. During last hurricane in north Florida people found that their roof blew off BUT not on the side with the panels. My panels can take winds of 200mph."

This is absolute fantasy (I wanted to say bullshit but I'm trying to be nice). No engineer would ever certify a wood roof to 150 mph let alone 200, with or without solar panels. I helped build a few homes in the Keys that had 8" poured concrete roofs with triple mat steel tied into significant columns and tie beams. The engineer would not certify beyond a Cat 3 storm even though there is no doubt these homes would sustain higher.