Thursday, March 10, 2016

God is Angry. The plague is upon us, Evangelicals. By Geniusofdespair

Evangelicals: God's Wrath is upon us, you know this because: 1) The ice caps are melting. 2) The worst presidential candidates ever assembled in the history of the United States are vying for the nomination.

On God's soon to be blue earth, have we ever imagined a worse pairing than Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina? Now that she endorsed him that might be the new pair to descend towards the White House. Makes Sarah Palin look pretty good. Donald Trump is looking better and better. I saw Donald Trump do one good thing. On his TV Show he fired a Khardashian because she was caught driving drunk. He said there was no excuse for that. If he can stand up to the Kardashian's Putin will be no problem for him.


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You don't actually believe in God do you?

rudy said...

Forthcoming article/blogposts? How people are rationalizing Donad Trump. Seems to me, due to the horrible nature of his opposition (other than the less than stellar John Kasich), there is a broad and elaborate rationalization process going on to accept Donald Trump these days. Better than Ted Cruz? really? Doesn't use as gutter like language? really? That's no way to build a coherent opposition. Though the Dems still need to play out their final acts- please, can't we do better?

Anonymous said...

A plague of idiots is what we have.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is what it has finally come for all to see and understand. That's what happens when you "govern" with original, conservative intent.
Like right from the get go over 200 hundred years ago, the funding Fathers made it known, that basically we the people where endowed and all that follows. Except we the people was then understood as a very select bunch, you know, men of means, men of property. Did not include woman (chattel), Native Americans (savages), Black people (3/5 humans)and so fort.

So, naturally, arrangements where made to ensure the political stability and survival of the then small colony. And the consolidation of power in the hands that best knew how to grab the reins of resources and wealth. It worked remarkably well, to this day, the powerful view it as their birthright by now, to have a electoral system with back doors and override switches built in.

If this is to confusing to you, then explain why the French and English get this election business over in a few month's time, while here it's a two Year carny, with out any pretense of picking the best and or brightest.

The real fabric of the US is quite well understood abroad, it's at home where the masses appear clueless and are willing to tolerate a "feudal" system. Like mass schizophrenia with Stockholm syndrome combined.

Geniusofdespair said...

Great comments! Thanks