Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Eye on Miami: For GOP Donors - No Mas, Marco ... by gimleteye

On Super Tuesday, Marco Rubio won Minnesota, the state with 10 electoral votes that voted Democrat in the last 10 presidential election cycles.

Marco may appeal to traditional Republican party donors, but here is something those donors ought to consider: not even big money has been able to maintain order.

So, a question: if GOP donor money has done so poorly to influence this election cycle, isn't it time for the GOP to support resetting campaign finance laws and put Citizens United in the dustbin of history?

GOP money can't spend its way out of the wilderness Donald Trump exposed, and with Trump's resounding success, who can argue that ordinary Republican voters believe that by-passing the big money donors is just what the party needs. So join with Democrats in overturning Citizens United.

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Anonymous said...

Good comedy writing this morning! In any case, hopefully Rubio continues to waste GOP donor money in the primary.

Poor Braham, could have had built a bit more goodwill in Miami with some of that wasted Rubio money.

Malagodi said...

"Join with the Democrats to overturn Citizens United"? Did somebody put that in the Democratic Party platform? Has Hillary called for overturning Citizens?

Anonymous said...

Money can't buy personality, cojones or big hands (maybe it can buy a good spray tan). Ds love Citizens United just as much as any other BS politician, just give lip service against it yo satisfy the masses.

Anonymous said...

With all the money in the world callousness has has no chance.