Thursday, March 03, 2016

Eye on Miami on Idiotic Florida Power and Light Energy Policy: Solar 0.1%. By Geniusofdespair

FPL gets .1% of its power from solar energy in the Sunshine State. Not even 1%. One tenth of 1%. They are not trying with Solar Energy and it is an outrage. Do you care? I sure do. This flyer came with my FPL bill.

They should be humiliated instead they are doing bragging rights with the the flyer. Look at their claim that they are using clean fuel. Natural Gas, I don't think so. It is deadly getting it out with poisonous chemicals and once used it adds to the heating of the atmosphere -- global warming. Nuclear, it doesn't cool itself, it uses our fresh water and tritium is being found in the salt water around the power plant. They use 4.2% of coal. Really bad.  Didn't they collect EXTRA money in our bills for a few years for developing solar? Am I wrong on that?

From an FPL flyer sent with my electric bill. The black line on the chart is oil. The solar line? better blow up the chart so you can see it.
So it goes, the Sunshine State gets 1/10th of a percent of its power from the sun because of FPL's dismal record on caring about the community and big fat record on profit.

Screen shot of google search. They are grabbing the sun? Right at .1%. They want Fracking here very badly. Ohio has fracking, polluted wells and a new wave of earthquakes too! They blast underground to release the "natural" gas. Great for our limestone geology.

In fact, FPL is actually battling against Solar according to a September article in the Jacksonville Business Journal:

In a battle involving two solar-energy ballot initiatives, a political committee backed by major utilities collected $335,000 in August --- and had raised $798,000 in less than two months, according to a newly filed finance report.

The group, known as Consumers for Smart Solar, also had nearly $400,000 in the bank as September began.

I googled CONSUMERS for Smart Solar:

Not surprising, FPL and the Koch Brothers are financing the Solar Killer Amendment. I bet they have not one consumer as part of this campaign.


Anonymous said...

F*cking criminal. 0.1% or 10x less than the US average. 50x less than CA or Germany.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting smoke and mirror deception of clean energy. The legislature, lobbyists and state regulatory boards allow for this deception.

Anonymous said...

The people allow it.

Mayor Philip Stoddard said...

Great prices for rooftop solar are available to all Miami-Dade County residents and businesses through South Miami's pricing agreement:
Rooftop solar is cheaper than grid power over the life of the system.

Anonymous said...

The 6.4% purchased power is coal-fired power as well. So that's 10.6% coal and that's why the nitwit Pam Biondi is challenging Obama's Clean Power Act -- because of FP&L's significant use of coal in Florida and Georgia.