Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rep. Erik Fresen Is A Charter School Booster Because That is How He And Relatives Make Their Money. By Geniusofdespair

Will all of you in his district please support Daisy Baez. He was so conflicted  for 8 years it was just pathetic. All you stupid, stupid people who live in this district and left Erik in for 8 painful years, it is time to get smart and vote for Daisy. Fresen was  the driving force to kill Public Education and replace it with for profit charter schools. Even though he and his family members make their living off of Charter Schools, these are the Committees Florida Rep. Erik has been serving on (he should have had to recuse himself from Educational matters in my opinion):

Education Appropriations Subcommittee Chair
Appropriations Committee
Education Committee
Joint Legislative Budget Commission
K-12 Subcommittee

His District is 114. Do you know people in this district? Call them. He is term limited tell them about Daisy Baez, no more disgusting candidates in 114. This one was a disaster.

DARK SIDE OF CHARTER SCHOOLS in the Open Mic section of the Miami Herald about Erik Fresen: (sorry Herald couldn't find it on line)

Tap graphic to read the letter, it is a good one...and the Morin cartoon is priceless.


Anonymous said...

I believe Fresen is termed out.

Michael Froomkin said...

Termed out. Daisy Baez is running for the seat again - almost beat him last time.

Geniusofdespair said...

Well that is a relief

Anonymous said...

Voting for Albert Santana. Great guy, great family, and decent!

Anonymous said...

But how do you undo all the financial damage he's created for the entire school system, benefiting for profit charter schools?

youbetcha' said...

Oh goodness. I wish these people terming out would go get a life... not a political life...