Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sugar Shill is Now a Fracking Shill also Water State of Emergency in St. Lucie not Reported in Miami Herald. By Geniusofdespair

Mr. NICOLAS GUTIÉRREZ (President, National Association of Sugar Mill Owners of Cuba): 
"I am the president of the National Association of Sugar Mill Owners of Cuba." - December 28, 2006
Nicholas Gutierrez wrote an Op Ed today for the Miami Herald saying there is too much fear of fracking. He said: "Like all industry operations, there is no zero-risk operation to provide our clothing, light, heat, food, vehicles and necessities." Then he warns us: Do we want prices of gas to go up? We had better like fracking or we will pay more at the pump.

Now you have to get it, that this guy was appointed to the South Florida Water Management District Board protecting our drinking water, with his Sugar history (see date of quote above). The biggest polluter of our water supply is Sugar farming and he was on the SFWMD Board:
Former chairman Nicolas Gutierrez, a three-time appointee of Republican Gov. Jeb Bush, left the board in April 2008.  But district visitor logs obtained by Broward Bulldog show that during the next two years Gutierrez returned to district headquarters seven times on behalf of a trio of clients to meet privately with key staff, including the purchasing director.
This toxic SFWMD Board appointment is another reason not to vote for Jeb Bush. What were his qualifications? Water pollution apologist?

Now he wants fracking in the name of economics. Watch who is writing these puff pieces about bad crap. Why the Miami Herald would print this advertisement for the industry as an op ed is beyond me.

While this is the Miami Herald Op Ed there is not a peep in the paper on the water crisis going on in other Florida counties, St. Lucie Declares State of Emergency, their water polluted by the SFWMD, unfit for swimming or much else, they say don't even get it on your skin:

To date, 30 billion gallons of polluted water poured in the S-80 locks in western Stuart from Lake Okeechobee and nearby canals.
Don't see video? Use this link.

St. Lucie County Commissioners unanimously passed the declaration, enacting a State of Emergency declaration now for 2 counties.


Anonymous said...

Can't only talk about the East coast dumping of water, here the water on Sanibel and Captiva is BROWN..REALLY BROWN. You can actually see the line as the fresh water invades the blue green gulf water. Reminds me of the amazon where the two rivers meet..people here are going nuts. It is mpacting wild/sea life..killing sea grass...and negatively impacting tourism..people expect to see clear blue-green water NOT BROWN icky water. They are gong to ruin the eco-system here on this pristine island.

Red tide no doubt will follow with massive fish kills littering the beaches here. Top news stories here on every channel.

The local Tea party type officials here give lip service to cleaning it up.. but they should be up in Tally and in DC screaming their heads off..(guess they don’t want to anger their republican buddies.

It is going to get worse before it gets better.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the "National Association of Sugar Mill Owners of Cuba?"

I thought that the Cuban government owned all the sugar mills on the island nation.

The strategy seems to be clear. The Fanjuls are secretly hoping that Cuba will be "opened up." They are surely walking along the razor's edge of opposing diplomacy efforts (don't want to piss off the 305 Republicans) yet still wishing that they could get into Cuba to grow cane while selling it on the US price-supported market. Labor in Cuba would be much cheaper than it is here. Profits would be huger (is that a word?).

Geniusofdespair said...

The sugar mill group were the sugar barons of Cuba. They want their land in Cuba back.

Anonymous said...

Tell them to go Frack themselves.

Anonymous said...

We need to get pictures of these foul looking waters printed in the ny times. So all the tourists stay away. Then the Florida politicians will do something.

Anonymous said...

Suspended as a lawyer - perfect spokesman for big sugar!OpenForm%26AutoFramed%26MFL%3DNicolas%2520Jesus%2520Gutierrez%2C%2520Jr.%26ICN%3D200971055%26DAD%3DSuspended%2520-%2520with%2520Conditions

How sweet.

Anonymous said...

a dirty lawyer, surprise, surprise. 2012:

"Nicolas Jesus Gutierrez Jr., 806 S. Douglas Road, Suite 625, Coral Gables, suspended for one year, effective 30 days from a May 22 court order. (Admitted to practice: 1989) Gutierrez is further directed to attend ethics school. Gutierrez was retained to facilitate the sale of a boat manufacturing business, and in the process, drafted a contract for the sale of the business which was executed by all parties. Approximately, one year later, the contract became the subject of imminent civil litigation. At that time, Gutierrez discovered that the copy of the contract that was in his file contained several errors. Subsequently, Gutierrez created an altered version of the contract in which he corrected the errors that he had discovered and then inserted signatures from the aforementioned file copy of the contract and backdated notarizations, amongst other things. Finally, he attached the altered version of the contract as an exhibit to a complaint and filed it in court. In doing so, he falsified and fabricated evidence. (Case No. SC11-1265)"