Monday, February 29, 2016

One Excellent Reason For GOP Voters In Florida To Reject Marco Rubio ... by gimleteye

Marco Rubio's shallow grasp of critical policy issues should have held him back long ago.  A revealing moment was captured in New Hampshire, when a fellow Cuban American from Miami questioned him in Spanish about global warming.

(Tune in, at the YouTube clip below, at :30 minute.) For many years, Rubio has been a denier. He has also refused even to meet with scientists. His rote talking points to Maribel Balbin are revealing.

First, "mitigation" is flat out impossible with climate change.

Marco Rubio came to political life in a small city council; a municipality that connects within Florida's largest and most politically influential county. In Miami-Dade, the mother's milk of local politics flows from developers' campaign contributions. If there is an environmental problem related to flooding, the solution is buying pumps and dredging canals. That is exactly how Rubio responds to Maribel Balbin: the solution to climate change is "mitigation".

Rubio's moving pipes and water as an equivalent to meeting the challenge of global warming is absurd.  Recently, the World Economic Forum in Davos stated that for the first time, that climate change is the number one threat to the global economy.

An Everglades advocate said, about twenty years ago, "Restoring the Everglades is a test. If we pass, we may get to keep the planet." The meaning: all the players are on the field, including legislators like Marco Rubio. If we can't fix what is wrong with the Everglades, where so many science-based variables in the environment are well understood, we will never be able to solve global problems.

In his record as a leader of the Florida legislature and in the US Senate, Rubio showed no inclination to get at the root problem of the Everglades: dealing with his main source of support from Big Sugar. In fact, Rubio did the opposite: helping to secure appropriations to "mitigate" flooding to protect developers. What Rubio tells Maribel Balbin, below, is not to worry about climate change: we will mitigate it just like we did with flooding in West Miami twenty years ago.

Solving climate change is not a Lego set guided by enthusiasms of American exceptionalism, but that is exactly how it is in Marco Rubio's thinking. Listen, here, at :30 minutes:


Geniusofdespair said...

In Leonardo DiCaprio's Best Actor acceptance speech at the Academy Awards he talked about the need to address climate change to save the planet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Maribel for trying. That was an investment of much personal time and money to reveal his position. Rubio is banking on the fact that he can brush aside any substantial topic that isn't emotional: terrorist threats, abortion, and now he's entertaining us by slinging back at Trump with Trump-like insults. The polls tell him he doesn't have to bother with climate issues - it's a Dem issue.

Anonymous said...

Protest big sugar tomorrow morning on Miami Beach:

"On Tuesday morning, top executives from big sugar industry are convening at the Eden Roc in Miami-Beach. These executives are polluting the Everglades, our drinking water, and our beaches. Occupy Democrats are leading an early morning protest from 7:20am-10am."

Just Saying said...

Not that I want to listen to what Marco thinks, but should I really care about some coddled actor who stretched the (inconvenient) truth in his speech. 2 Years since 1979 have been hotter than this one and the reason they filmed in southern hemisphere is because they filmed through August (which is winter in Argentina).

STOP PLEASE!!!!! Before you go postal on me I do believe the climate is changing and we probably have something to do with it, I don't believe in the tooth fairy or that the earth is only 10,000 years old. BUT lets not turn into chicken little either. Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio is now embarrassing himself with the Trump insults. His only hope is a brokered convention so he is trying desperately to damage all of the republicans. Doing so shows he does not have the behavior to lead the country.

Ileana, Carlos, Mario and Lincoln put their money on a nag.

Anonymous said...

Marco is bashing Trump for an endorsement from David Duke. Marco Rubio has said publicly that his mentors were Jessie Helms and Strom Thurmond. two of the biggest racist in the political growth of our country.
Rubio if they mentored you I know your views.

Anonymous said...

Okay so Hillary and Bill supported Robert Byrd, comments?