Sunday, February 14, 2016

On climate change: a powerful two day seminar at the University of Miami ... by gimleteye

Question what the future holds for Miami and everywhere else, but lack sufficient knowledge to express your views? Consider attending a fact-filled workshop by innovators and scientists at the University of Miami on successive Saturdays, February 20th and 27th. The information is well organized and delivered by compelling speakers. Don't just sit there. Learn what climate change means to you, to your family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Sorry UM, you can't have it both ways. Let's talk about how you are allowing destruction of imperiled native pine rocklands. Let's discuss how that adversely impacts our climate. Your actions in chasing a profit speaks much louder than any forum you could hold.

And shame on you CLEO institute. How about standing up for our environment rather than trying to sprinkle some environmental holy water on an institution like UM, a destroyer of native ecological systems. Anything for attention, or a buck, I guess.

I suggest that you demonstrate some leadership and reverse that bonehead move. Sweep your own porch before you preach to others.

You can't spell SCUM without UM.

Hypocrites at best.

I suggest that only those willing to protest, willing to expose the fact that the UM emperor is without clothes, should attend.

Anonymous said...

Really Alan? UM speaking on Climate change. Let me guess, is it sponsored by FPL? You are a funny guy Alan, a funny, funny, guy. How does that saying go? "He who lies with dogs, rises with fleas"? Get real Alan.

Eliminations of pinelands does affect climate change.

UM is just as bad as big sugar.