Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Investigative Report: WHO GETS THE MYSTERY WATER? HIALEAH OR MIAMI LAKES? By Geniusofdespair


City of Hialeah Water Treatment Plant
Long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, it was required that Hialeah build a water plant as a caveat to move the UDB line - the water was to supply the NEW development on the other side of the UDB. Hialeah agreed to build the plant so the UDB line was moved for Hialeah. They forked over $100 million for the reverse osmosis plant, but somehow the County also forked over the same. Why? It was a condition for the movement of the line. Why did the County pay anything?

Anyway the plant was built by some firm from Spain. Yes, we always use locals don't we? The plant had fatal flaws and wasn't able to run. The raw water for the plant was to come from 14 deep wells. The plant was designed to only supply 10 Million Gallons Daily (for the new development). To give you some idea of how little that is, FPL recently got permission to pump an additional 100 Million Gallons of fresh water daily to keep the toasty-hot cooling canals cooler. With the failed Plant in tow, the Spanish company was bought by another company in South Korea and the South Koreans were tasked with "fixing" the reverse osmosis plant. Did they? The plant has never worked right and the people working there are not water and sewer personnel. In the Flint Michigan spirit of water delivery, the Hialeah plant started delivering water anyway. Could be rotten water for all we know.

The staff at the plant "blended" the mystery Hialeah water with the usual water supplying Miami Lakes. Choke. Why Miami Lakes? Hialeah didn't want to poison its own? Anyway there is more to this story. Much more.

Why aren't County Workers and DERM overseeing this water delivery since the County has $100 million invested in this fiasco? I want to know, and so does Mayor Michael Pizzi who has called Lester Sola at WASA for answers.

By the way, why is the County buying up land way out west in North Dade? I heard they want to put a Wastewater treatment plant out there. Really? Out west near our North West well field? Is that why they are testing that deep deep inject well at Virginia Key. I see a conspiracy of bad planning going on and tainting of water in our future. Injection wells have never been a proven method to dispose of anything.


youbetcha' said...

The old water plant in Hialeah was a mess too... With all the attacks the DERM has had I am surprised that the employees even bother to come out from under their desks in the morning.

That being said, if the county can't manage to keep a historic building like our county courthouse together when it was already funded and properly oversee those funds, how could expect one the county to oversee 100's of millions in other funding when they are dealing with foreign nationals?

Anonymous said...

His name should be "Laster" Sola. That is what he does - Lasts in job no matter how crappy he does it. Lester simply gets the county shuffle from one department to another when he screws the department up when it becomes noticeable.

I wonder what deep ark secret he knows that keeps him in a job?

Anonymous said...

What about the rock miners who were supposed to pay for a new water treatment plant, because their activities have polluted our drinking water supplies? For that issue alone, which rock miner political contributions made vanish, every single Republican legislator in the county should be voted out of office! Based on this report, the county commission should convene a public hearing: what did we plan to do, what have we failed to do as promised in the past, in order to avoid a Flint Michigan scenario right here?

Anonymous said...

June 23, 2015 MIami Herald

The June 17 article Hunt for oil in Big Cypress back in play says that fracking is “a process deployed out west on tough shale to flush oil using high-powered water guns.” But it omits that fracking involves injecting millions of gallons of toxic mixtures of water, sand and harsh chemicals deep underground at pressure high enough to fracture or dissolve the rock and release oil or gas. Fracking isn’t limited to “out west,” or to shale oil extraction, or hydraulic fracturing.

Additionally, the statement that fracking has never been tried in South Florida is false. A company was caught fracking outside Naples without a permit in 2013. The wastewater, disposed in Opa-locka, only came to light through investigative reporting. The oil and gas industries have worked to pass legislation to protect them from being forced to reveal the chemicals used and prohibit governments from banning or regulating fracking. It is unreasonable to assume future drilling in this area wouldn’t involve fracking. especially in Big Cypress, which would be detrimental to the delicate ecosystem.


Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article25361785.html#storylink=cpy

Anonymous said...

There are crooked departments in M-D County government, but nothing comes close to WASD.
Also, keep in mind that the ENTIRE top brass has retired in the past couple of years. They knew it was going to hit the fans,
and so they ran out of there. Then Gimenez appoints Lester Sola who is not an engineer, has
no background whatsoever in managing water resources, and nobody said anything about it. Where is
the Board of County Commissioners? Where is Monestine?

Anonymous said...

The lack of transparency associated with this new plant makes me wonder if the new owners are the North Koreans. Getting an answer from Hialeah or WASD about the status of the plant is like talking to a wall. The Public Health Department ought to be checking on the water quality, before someone gets dangerously ill.

Anonymous said...

At WASD call Adrianne Lemar. She is Chief of Public information. (786) 552-8087.

If anyone gets a straight answer from her, please let the rest of us know.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but the facts.
In total it is a 100 million dollar joint venture by Miami Dade and Hialeah.
It was originally supposed to be opened by 2010 during Julio robainas run for County Mayor.
Inima, the Spanish plant, who wont the bid, contributed 100's of thousands to his campaign and left the city of Hialeah broke for its construction. I remember the city targeted the employees and delivered steep pay cuts for a non-needed water plant.
Along comes crooked Mayor number two CARLOS HERNANDEZ, the Ponzi investor and shadow banker. He blew smoke up peoples ass's for years and then 8 days before his election he called après conference to announce the opening of the long awaited water plant. Took a week to discover that all the politicians were toasting bottled water because the plant was not operating. As he was found guilty of lying to the public before he did it again and no agency held him accountable.
There is zero accountability within the city limits of Hialeah. Within a month of the water being declared safe by DERM there was an extensive boil water alert issued for Hialeah which the savvy Hialeah mayor blamed on the county. Fishy

I want my money back as a county resident or let the County take it over, fix it and lower my water bills. This is atrocious.
Gimenez does not want to piss off the Hialeah Mayor because he needs the absentee ballot machine once again.. VERY SAD!! Where is the outrage? Where is the media?