Sunday, February 28, 2016

Al Gore on TED: a great presentation ... watch it! ... by gimleteye


Anonymous said...

He shoulda been the president and with Hillary in the White House NeoCons will get a revolving door policy to feed the never ending war.

ZWoman said...

The most outrageous thing that Marco has said in the last month is he thanks god George W Bush was President on 9/11. That insipid moron doesn't get that if Al Gore had been anointed POTUS by Justice Scalia there may not have been an attack, it might have been thwarted, but in no event would Pres. Gore have taken us into the worst foreign policy debacle in the history of this country. He is an IDIOT. I shudder to think of the egomaniacal Trump in the WH but Marco in the WH is TERRIFYING. These guys are so stupid, and blindly ignorant of the most existential threats to this country that they don't deserve to be citizens, much less POTUS.