Saturday, January 09, 2016

Ted Cruz Canadian Eh? By Geniusofdespair

Ted Cruz was born a Canuck. He was a hoser for sure. He was weaned on homo milk and backbacon. He ate beavertail and shreddies and wore a tuque.  Ted Cruz is definitely not one of us.

Canada forbids voting rights to anyone except Canadian Citizens. Ted Cruz's mother registered to vote in a Canadian Election July 8th 1974 (maybe earlier). Therefore, she was a Canadian Citizen or a big fat liar to her fellow hosers.

Canadian polling Division Records - Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His father was a Canadian Citizen. Was his mother also when he was born? His dad became a naturalized American Citizen in 2005.

There was speculation that President Obama was born out of the country and the birthers went nuts about it.  Ted Cruz was ACTUALLY BORN  OUT OF THE COUNTRY - IN CANADA. He is a Canuck, eh?

So why the big deal over Obama who had a American Citizen mother and was born in Hawaii? I guess because he was Black. Where are the birthers on Ted Cruz? I guess they have their head up their asses, eh? Come on Donald Trump: you are the supreme birther - get your ass in gear -- prove this guy is a Cuban Canuck.

Ted Cruz, I'll turf you out of here!


Anonymous said...

Meet me in the parkade Genius and we'll talk about Ted.

Anonymous said...

Poor Ted, how is he going to prove he is a true American as per the constitution to run for president. Somehow the Donald is a master at going after opponents, but has no real policy on anything but taxes, where the rich get much richer at everyone else's expense.

Anonymous said...

Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz is a definite hoser. He'd get the birther attacks more if he was two shades darker and/or went by his real/full name.

Anonymous said...

Since his mother was born in Delaware, even if he was born on Neptune he would be a natural born citizen. EHHHH!!!!

Repeating the LW talking points when there is written evidence Hillary asked staff to erase sensitive material on the same day as the CRUZ story shows us Thomas Jefferson was 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

Go to Little Havana and talk to anyone about Obama and you will likely receive a barrage of super racist comments. Next say a word about Rubio's coke dealer relatives or Cruz being a foreigner and you may get assaulted.

Anonymous said...

Come on that's like saying if I went to a Green Peace meeting to espouse the greatness off fossil fuels and complained about getting assaulted or stoned (though the latter would be preferable I hear the "Green" Peace folks have some killer buds).

As per the Cannuck Trump tried the "oye" angle ("not many evangelicals coming out of Cuba") and when that didn't work well....Eh!

Anonymous said...

Come on there is a Rubio complex amongst Cuban American exiles when 80% of Cubans are of African origin. Blonde (Rubio) Cubans look down at EVERYTIN.