Friday, January 08, 2016

Recommendation for Everglades Coalition Annual Meeting 2017: A Mock Trial of Big Sugar's Impact on the Everglades, on Democracy and Public Health... by gimleteye

Big Sugar uses Big Tobacco's tactics. Isn't it time to put the industry on trial?

“[They’re] different players, but it’s the same game,” Gretchen Goldman, an analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists, told The Daily Beast. “We’re seeing the exact same tactics that Big Tobacco was using. They’re trying to manufacture doubt in the science, they’re trying to pay their own experts to carry their talking points, and they’re doing these things with the intent to undermine public policy.” Letting consumers know how much sugar companies add to their food seems like common sense. In February, scientists found that Americans who consume at least 25 percent of their calories from sugar triple their chance of dying from heart disease compared with those who get less than 10 percent." (How the Sugar Industry Is Using Big Tobacco Tactics to Downplay the Danger of Your Sweet Tooth)

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The penalty phase would be fascinating.