Friday, January 08, 2016

Go to the Damn Conference at the Biltmore this Saturday... TOMORROW. By Geniusofdespair

It is not often they hold the conference in Miami Dade County, this year it is at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.  All of you County Commissioners should go. Every last one of you!!!! How about you Jack Osterholt? You could stand to learn something about the environment. I am sure you all would be admitted free. 

Everyone else, you should go to. Here is the Saturday line-up, best part is in between when you can network:

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Anonymous said...

I went and came away disturbed and depressed. I saw all these Army Corps people who are the ones issuing permits for destructive projects. I saw politicians who gave speeches about protecting the environment who are powerless to really protect us from a future of devastation from climate change, pollution and extinction. I saw Florida and federal Fish and wildlife commission staff and board members who blithely make decisions to hunt black bears and delist manatees - how dare they show and pretend they care? The setting in a luxury hotel in an affluent suburb was also disturbing Considering the environmental world crisis we face. The stony expressionless faces of the participants belied either the bureaucratic indifference of govt officials or grim frustration of true activists who have been muted. There has to be a better way to save the Everglades and the world than these conferences. After so many years of polite conferences and so little real progress, it seems this is no more than a charade.

cyndi said...

I didn't go. I went last year and I got very excited and then I was very let down. A PR firm put up a website for the reservoir. They wouldn't talk to anyone. It was a joke. The same person works for ALICO and Joe Negron. The Everglades put our lives in the hands of a person who really didn't care. She did a crappy job. Your dues paid her.
I can't believe he FWC showed up.
I couldn't afford it anyway. I do love the Biltmore. I was put up there once for doing a presentation gratis.
I spent this weekend working on something that I hope will actually make a difference.