Sunday, January 24, 2016

For the GOP establishmentarians: an unexpected return on investment: Donald Trump takes on Karl Rove, while Michael Bloomberg takes the temperature of American voters ... by gimleteye

The Republican establishment is recoiling in fear of Donald Trump. No Democrat could have pressured GOP standard bearers so thoroughly to cause them to unite in opposition to the poll leader. Listen to this video of Donald Trump taking on the GOP strategist most closely linked with the Republican orthodoxy: Karl Rove.

The likely Republican, primary voter insurgency supporting Trump looks a lot like the Tea Party before the Tea Party was co-opted by the Koch Brothers' oligarchy. This is a revolution from the inside of the Republican Party, and it could never have been started by anyone other than Donald Trump.

Trump appeals to a GOP electorate furious that promises to fix the economy by the party's own candidates, to establish national security abroad and job security at home, have not materialized. They view Jeb Bush as a fake like his brother. Republican voters who support Trump want a president who can deliver a simple message and keep its promise. It doesn't occur to Republican voters that the promise keepers are failing not because of who they are but because of what they believe.

Instead of looking for Republicans with a fundamentally re-tooled message (ie. banish Karl Rove to political Siberia), they are seeking a candidate who delivers even more simplistic messages but brings with him the kind of independence only great wealth can provide.

Donald Trump "can't be bought" -- not like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz -- , and for Republican voters yearning for their own version of hope and change; that seems to be a prerequisite. Trump has even performed his political ju jitsu on the Koch Brothers' oligarchy; none of its plans are working out.

But if American voters -- not just Republican ones -- want an independent billionaire with proven experience in getting things done without bankruptcy, one is waiting in the wings.

A year ago, Michael Bloomberg concluded that he could not win the presidency. What changed: a revolt against the status quo in both parties.

If Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are elected to represent their respective parties, Bloomberg might enter the race as an independent. Meanwhile, the American people have already won: Republican Party leaders have done the near-impossible -- they created the political climate for the rise of Donald Trump: the one candidate who distills their messages into Twitter-sized, digestible bites.

Hard as it is to believe, the values of misdirection that Jeb Bush embraced created Donald Trump. That is why Jeb! is so lost in this GOP presidential primary: he and Bush loyalists plowed and sowed the Republican electorate for the rise of Donald Trump. That is an unexpected return on their investment.
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Anonymous said...

In a devious way, I would like to see Trump President, just to count the times he would bankrupt the country. Then wash his hands and do it all over again, like he runs his empire. And all the time watch the fanning Krauts salute him for doing it.
Cause I can only watch the rise of the 3rd Reich on old video, but this would be live and friggen impressive in today's time.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a Big Gulp with that Burritto ......What??? President Bloomberg has outlawed Big Gulps and Burritos and I can only have water and a Kale lettuce Wrap.....

Three choices and we are still screwed!