Monday, January 25, 2016

Defecating Dogs on the $27 Million Dollar Dog Park: The Miami Circle. By Geniusofdespair

Dogs on the Tequesta Historic Site: The Miami Circle.
The United States, filled with gaggles of lonely people (lonely because they are too selfish to have friendships or the demon spawn have left the nest), have elevated the dog to "Child" status. Have you seen them around town with dogs in strollers? Some of the top culprits: the self-centered, me-me-me, ICON residents who consider the Miami Circle their own personal dog park. Use your non-functioning pool deck for the dog poop Icon people. I am sick of it. Dog Nuts get their dogs everywhere with phony Therapy or Emotional Service Dog Paperwork they buy on the internet for about $100 or less, proving just how sneaky or lonely they are. Here is a news flash: We snicker at you and your dog when we see you and all the the paraphernalia you paid for to make your dog look official - and we snicker not in a good way.  These dog nuts put the dogs in hotel beds that you will be sleeping in next. You might not even allow your dog in your bed. Since, it is always licking its ass, I don't know why you would want a dog licking your face and sleeping in your bed but what you do in your home is your business.

These same selfish, unfulfilled people, ignoring a historic site of another culture, have made a dog park of the Miami Circle.

Thanks to the BEST Florida Inland Navigation District Board Member WE HAVE EVER HAD, Spencer Crowley III - the defecating on our Historic Site might stop. He said, according to Miami Today:
"After years of neglect, the navigation district is demanding the state meet its obligations or risk an action to recover the hefty grant." Also Miami Today says:

The navigation district and the Florida Department of State made an agreement Feb. 7, 2008, that called on the navigation district to grant the department $548,808 for the Miami Circle Shoreline Stabilization Project.

Among the department’s responsibilities under the agreement – and required by rules of the grant – is to maintain the project “in accordance with the standards and maintenance for other local facilities and in accordance with applicable health standards” and to keep the project “reasonably safe and in reasonable repair to prevent undue deterioration and to encourage public use.”

“In spite of numerous written and e-mail communications to the Department describing the deteriorating conditions and lack of maintenance of the Project, from both [the navigation district’s] Miami-Dade County Commissioner and from the Managing Director of the Miami River Commission, the Department has failed to correct the situation,” wrote Board Chair J. Carl Blow.

Before the navigation district, or FIND, moves to get back its grant money, the chair asked the secretary to intervene, the letter says.

“If this problem is not resolved, FIND may be forced to invoke the refund provisions in the Agreement. FIND considers this a last resort and we are hopeful that your intervention will make this drastic step unnecessary,” Mr. Blow wrote.

Regarding the navigation district calling back its money, Mr. Crowley said, “We hope that doesn’t happen but we’ve had no response, and I’m not optimistic it will be resolved quickly or amicably.”
Icon Residents use this as their Dog Park

According to the Miami Herald
, during a native American Blessing Ceremony:
The park — no longer locally managed after HistoryMiami pulled out — is also a popular spot for dogs, including a brown and white beagle that walked Tuesday into the center of the circle and pooped just minutes before Ramirez began her ceremony.
...all the lonely people, where do they all come from?
I am not a dog hater, I had one almost my whole life. And, my dogs never were in a stroller nor did they sleep in a human bed.


Anonymous said...

All parks next to condominiums become off-leash poop parks. The Miami Beach park which cost over $20 million is also a giant dog poop park. Yes, it is also next to several giant high priced condominiums. Beach sand holds and maintains a high level of feces. This is why government agencies only test the water and not the sand.

Anonymous said...

The state owes its obligation to keep up the park. How does the state justify its lack of upkeep to the park?

Disrespectable Pigs said...

I have gotten to the point that dog owners are right up there on my list with bike people with tight pants in middle of the street. I don't want to have dog poop in my yard, in my park or even close enough that I can smell it on my patio when the wind blows my way.

I made my choice to have indoor pets, which I take care of privately without imposing on the people around me. I didn't want to scoop poop either. So, I made an accommodation to my life-style to respect my desires and in the end, my neighbors.

People don't want more government intervention their lives, but then, they are irresponsible jerks about living in a community.

Anonymous said...

"dog lives matter". dogs are people too.

Anonymous said...

not all dogs from ICON defecate in the park. they use the hallways, elevators, and lobbies before the long trek down. That's why they have weird, dim lighting.

Anonymous said...

One could get the idea, the City of Miami is going to the dogs in a stroller.

Is that about right?

Skip Van Cel said...

Careful what you ask for. The City of Miami may well give them the money back and then turn around and sell the site. Don't tell me they can't do it. With the governor we have and the appetite of the rapacious developers they could declare the site blighted and, well... This is Miami.

Fabulous Fifty said...

This happens when there is both a shortage of parks and considerate people. We can't change people but we can have more parks.

Anonymous said...

Fine the dog owners and prosecute them for desecration a historic site. But then this is Miami and we are floating city on shit. Really that is a fact we live on the sewage system's messy sea of crap and urine.

Zwoman said...

Ocean level rise will resolve all of these problems. Be patient

Anonymous said...

People should carry bags to pickup after their dogs. Miami evidently needs a dog poop ordinance and something similar to North Central Florida's "Scoop the Poop Campaign":