Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bicentennial Park to get Chicago's Millennium Park Sculpture? By Geniusofdespair

Millennium Park - Plensa Sculpture - photo by Geniusofdespair 
Artist Jaume Plensa

Jorge Perez has bought the massive head sculpture, Awilda, that was in Millennium Park in Chicago and wants to put it in Bicentennial Park, or as the Art Museum and (broke and begging for money) Science Museum like to call it: Museum Park. Jorge does not want to put the head in the sculpture garden. I expect he wants it at the entrance way to the park, next to the wastewater building (where they pump the poop for initial treatment). Get nose and ear plugs if you ever have the good fortune to be invited in.

Millennium will still have its bean. Why would they sell this sculpture that has been at the entrance of their park? Chicago doesn't need money...not like Flint...that has to get ready for at least a million lawsuit plaintiffs.

My source says they are removing the head at Millennium because it was a temporary installation. My guess originally was that Jorge Perez might be buying a similar version to this particular Chicago head, as the artist does have a body of work that looks pretty similar...well very, very similar. Anyway, I happen to like the sculpture, although there are a lot of these heads around the country. His last phase of sculptures -- lattice-alphabet people -- are everywhere. There is even one at Aventura Mall.  A few steps above Romero Britto to be sure.


Anonymous said...

I like it too, mount it sunken in to the earth, like the heads at Easter Island, a fitting tribute to a society in political swamp and with they're political heads up the back side.

Anonymous said...

Easter Island "heads" are no longer sunken in the earth. Several years ago they began their excavation, which is continuing,
And have found they are full body sculptures. Look it up in National Grographic.