Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Amendment 1 Update. What will the legislature try next? By Geniusofdespair

“Amendment 1 sets clear, identifiable boundaries for the Legislature. What we’re asking from the court is to confirm that these are the boundaries. We cannot require the land be purchased, or pass policy in the Legislature …what we can do is say the amendment means what it says.” - David Guest,  Lead Attorney, Earthjustice
UPDATE on Amendment 1 (we voted  by over 75% to pay for water and land conservation for the Environment. The Legislature and Governor are throwing the money down the toilet on unrelated projects instead. The lawsuit is trying to stop the spending of the money on wacky things).
The latest is a second lawsuit was filed by another environmental group, Florida Defenders of the Environment, with a different argument and the Legislature wants to combine it with the Earthjustice suit. The Plantiffs nixed that idea but the legislature could press the matter further.

Amended Complaint filed in December by Earthjustice. Here is our last story on Amendment 1 with the text of the Amendment included as well as the original lawsuit.

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