Tuesday, December 08, 2015

News For All Those Stupid People Out There. By Geniusofdespair

Selena Gomez goes braless in photo shoot and Donald Trump wants all Muslims banned from entering the U.S. I myself think we should ban ALL Americans from re-entering the country. That would leave a lot of room.

The dumbing down of America is alive and well. People are wasting  hours on Facebook, getting their news there and kittens are big news.  Maybe it is all that Meth and Oxycodone people in the U.S. are taking. Once they stop taking it they all find religion and get a gun and, of course, get addicted to posting kittens on Facebook.

If the choice in this country for President is Ted Cruz or Donald Trump or even Marco Rubio, I will surely write-in Selena Gomez. If she can pose sans bra, she has the guts to kill a few Muslims. I want to see her birth certificate.

See Crespogram same subject:
There are 32 million adults in America that can’t read. They represent 14% of the population. A total of 45 million people are functionally illiterate  and read below a 5th grade level. 50% of adults in this country cannot read a book written at an eighth grade level.


Anonymous said...

My theory is the dark ages have somehow come back to us in the 21st century, I have no other explanation for how far from reality we seem to be. Science and facts don't seem to be understood by a minority of people.

Anonymous said...

I like the stupid people news. I agree with your choice for president and I love Facebook kittens. We are turning into a photo op society.

Juan said...

Great Boobs beat the cute kittens.

Anonymous said...

You want to see her birth certificate? I want to see her without that t-shirt.

outofsight said...

LOL. Love You.

Anonymous said...

Facebook has ruined this country!

Zwoman said...

Facebook has not ruined the country, it has just brought to light the extreme ignorance, racism and xenophobia that has always existed in this country. And the kitten people are just looking for a reason to smile, can't argue with that.

Unknown said...

I think we've always been this stupid, it's just that now with the Internet we all know it immediately and constantly.

miaexile said...

digital this, e- that, on- demand, streaming, instant instant instant
where does this all lead?
how are we going to save dumb americans from their own stupidity?
can it be done?
is it too late?
the internet could prove to be worse for our collective health than all the fast food/sugary drinks combined