Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Koch Brothers must be pissed. by Geniusofdespair

"On this trajectory, the main result of the Koch brothers’ billion-dollar bet on the GOP will be to elect their worst nightmare as president." - Daily Beast
From the Daily Beast

What would make the Koch Brothers madder than hell? Donald Trump as the President. They can't control him. No one can.

Anyway, the country is going to hell, the temperature in New York on Christmas is expected to be 74 degrees. The sea water is coming, the ice caps are melting...the election is absurd. I think the country deserves a Dose of the Donald before it gets very wet and we all have to take to the mountains. Low level depression will be a way of life for most of us. Bah! Humbug.

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Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio. Rubio has received the most funding from the Koch brothers out of the 2016 presidential candidates. In 2010, he received $32,200 for his campaign to be Senator. Later, in 2014, Koch Industries contributed $5,000 toward his campaign.Sep 10, 2015