Friday, December 18, 2015

Keep Your Penis in Your Pants and Isn't it Great When Committed Citizens Win? By Geniusofdespair

 First issue:

My friend riding metrorail from Dadeland to County Hall, in the afternoon, was treated to the view of a very small penis (maybe it was large but I don't want to give the guy any credit). She yelled at him and he got off the next stop.  If we want people to use mass transit we have to protect them, even from eye pollution. I wish she had taken a picture because you would see it here. I love grossing out loyal readers.

Second issue:

Attorney Charles Baron and Company - You Rock! According to the Miami Herald:

(of course, I can't find it on line, I looked up North Miami Beach, Andres Viglucci and Miami Dade County so I can't give you a link)

"In (a) sharply worded ruling, a state appellate court threw out North Miami Beach's zoning approval for a controversial planned high-rise hotel and office complex next to historic Greynolds Park, handing an unexpected victory to a group of activist and neighbors who have been fighting the project for years."

Charles Baron
There are plenty of activists living in the South but in the North of Miami Dade County you can count them on two hands, maybe even one. Charles Baron has always been one of the most active in the North. It is not often that citizens win so lets savor this one.  

Reporter Andres Viglucci said that the decision "even reads at times like a rebuke of municipal officials." Good. All they cared about was the economic benefit ignoring all else and the 3 judges agreed.


Anonymous said...

Government by lawsuit, just like in Miami.

Anonymous said...

Love to see the public win. Kudos to Charles Baron, the activists and to the appellate court.

A few years ago, a handful of activists fought the development of 30 acres of degraded coastal wetland property in Cutler Bay. The property was sold to the SFWMD and is in the process of being restored by local groups and volunteers. To see this amazing transformation or to find out more about how to help visit

Anonymous said...

We need to get this judge to review all the deplorable decisions made by the City of Miami, too.

Geniusofdespair said...

It was a 3 judge panel NOT A JUDGE

Anonymous said...

Great news, except for the small penis on our mass transit. Here's the link to the full article:

Cinderella said...

Yay for Grenolds! :) Love that place!

Just for the record, when I worked in downtown Miami, I often took the train. Well, I always wore business suits and high heels. When I got on the train, there was a man watching me very closely. The seat next to me was empty and the next thing I know he is sitting next to me.

I immediately placed my handbag between the wall and my body to protect it. As we were approaching Viscaya Station, he made a sudden move and grabbed for my right shoe.

I yelled at him and he jumped up and ran out the door. He fortunately left the shoe behind. There were a car-full of shocked people and enough of a ruckus for transit police to come in from the car behind.

Can you imagine getting off at the Government Center Station with one high heel to walk to my office on flagler street?

Anonymous said...

It was a stunning victory for the activists in North Miami Beach, but unfortunately it doesn't translate elsewhere. It was terrible lawyering by the city's former city attorney. She was incompetent. It's rezoning 101. Had she spent 5 minutes establishing a proper record on the issue of "consistency" during the public hearing this would not have gotten to the appeals process. I don't know of any other city attorney in South Florida as incompetent as her, and appeals courts typically defer to the city councils, for better or worse.

Anonymous said...

Walmart is trying to build a massive Walmart on a small lot in Midtown. The City of Miami lead by commish Marc Sarnoff - now ex-commish - ignored the Master Plan and many City rules. Similar to Greynolds Park case.