Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Is Carlos Gimenez Going to put our Police on Display to aid in his Reelection bid? I hope not! By Geniusofdespair

You guys might be useful for the election.

Is Mayor Gimenez currently hatching a plan to swear in 100 new officers around the time of his last State of the County address before his election?

In order to do this, Mayor Gimenez would have to cut down the training time from two of the three academy classes. One class is scheduled to graduate in January, the other in February and the third in March. The impact of this change means that one class gets one month worth of training cut and the other two months cut.

If Mayor Carlos Gimenez goes through with this plan he will then be able to tout that never before has there been such a push to hire as many officers.

However, wasn't it Gimenez who created the man power shortage crisis to begin with?

It would be a spectacle graduating all three classes at once. It would improve the Mayor’s image right on time for the election. It would be a really great photo op. Coincidentally the State of the County Address is scheduled the same day as the January Graduations. Will they combine the two? Low blow if they do. Is Mayor Carlos Gimenez really that afraid he will lose? He took all the steam out of the School Board deal to try to break support for Raquel Regalado who dominates the Cuban vote. I also heard rumors there will be a Democrat in this non-partisan race.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised that the mayor would sacrifice proper training to choreograph a political show of giving a shit about public safety. Does he even offer condolences to the families who lose their kids on the mean streets of Miami? Does he call for a ban on assault weapons? Probably not. His son is likely a NRA lobbyist. This mayor is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Will he take a page from the dictators playbook and parade our "military" might?

Anonymous said...

Gimenez" entire career has been smoke and mirrors. he has no substance.
and because he is insecure, he has to come up with stunts like this one. and while its another dishonesty on Gimenez' part, it is creative. way too smart for Gimenez to have come up with it.
time for him to go-once and for all.

Anonymous said...

here's an idea: now that Cuba has opened up, maybe Carlos can get his dream job with Raul.

Anonymous said...

Kim-Jon Carlos, Make them goosestep.

community advocate said...

The cops need cars. They are driving cars that have over 100k miles on them, rust, dents and peeling decals. Nothing like calling a tow truck to get you to your calls. That certainly builds morale doesn't it?

What are you doing to do with new officers if they don't have rides? Doubling them up into existing cars doesn't make the response time go down, it simply makes the payroll go up.

Budd said...

Someone needs to ask Carlos about the payroll "payback" of the money that police officers are due from the illegal scarfing of their pay checks. He keeps losing in state court over that payback. And he lost again recently on the local level.

All the challenges cost us, the taxpayers, real money - that is why at some point you stop and admit the the police were taken advantage of. Mr. Mayor: stop being arrogant with MY tax dollars and the county employees pay.

Meanwhile, the unrepaid refund is accruing interest and could cost the county multiple millions (how about 50 mil, if he keeps farting around?) because he is not moving forward with the refunds to officers.

Is he going to dump that off on someone else? If he wins this election he is going to have to explain where the money is coming from. If someone else wins the election, they get stuck with dealing with CG's stupid vendetta against the police union.

Does he think that graduating police classes early really does the public any good? Does he believe that fire fighters need less training, as well?


Anonymous said...

So he wants to use the police as a prop?

Anonymous said...

Cops need an elected sheriff, not a failed Mayor Gimenez

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, no one is surprised by Gimenez. He became city manager by situational opportunity, not because of his "skills". Then after seeing the real Gimenez, they quickly fired him. The destruction he did to the city wasn't felt until later. Sound familiar? Yup, same pattern is happening here in the county after Gimenez took over as strong (weak) Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Gimenez must have had his lunch money stolen daily as a child, thus turning him into a miserable, incompetent piece of crap

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the last comment, but it's sad that we don't have a State Attorney willing to tackle corruption. Gimenez and his little arrogant kid (runs through the DNA) would be sharing a prison cell.

Anonymous said...

Remember the upcoming movement ABC. Anyone But Carlos. Let's free ourselves of this scammer Gimenez

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the police don't like being used by the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Hiring more Police was never the answer in Miami . Not one more city worker should be hired in Miami to compensate for the countless who aren't doing their job .

Police Chiefs who deserve to be chief and not given the position due to the banana republic nepotism which devours Miami is what is needed.

These chiefs are a disgrace as they look the other way just like the Miami DA as countless police hang out most of their shift .

Police who actually PATROL instead of hanging out most of their shift behind shopping malls, punching in and going back home , etc is what is needed .

ZERO accountability defines the Miami Police , Miami Commissioners and Miami Mayors .

Lets cut the nonsense here with Rep or Dem because no such thing in this Banana republic . The standards are deplorable and the city is run by assorted crooks .
Jose , Cuban who isn't an self defeating, ethnic voting zombie

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
here's an idea: now that Cuba has opened up, maybe Carlos can get his dream job with Raul. ''

Lol that was good .

The majority of Miami Cubans are ethnic voting separatist zombies . Incapable of grasping that voting against your own interest is not ethnic pride and the ONLY winners are these assorted inept, self serving, corrupt Miami politicos .

Having said that . If Raul Castro ran for office in Miami against a NON Cuban . The people would scream , yell , etc at Raul but when the election was over. Raul would be elected because God forbid these fools ever look at NON Cuban candidates .

Instead the same Cuban flunkies go from one office to another .

Good grief just look at the useless commissioners .

Jose and yes I'm Cuban .