Saturday, December 12, 2015

Campaign Contributions Through November 2015 to County Commissioners and Mayor Gimenez. By Geniusofdespair

Here is the latest on campaign contributions for the Mayor and Commissioners of Miami Dade County. Would someone please run against Bruno Barreiro. As you can see, the mayor has amassed $861,246 in a short period of time, last month he raised $781,771 in his campaign account. Carlos Gimenez also has that PAC Miami Dade Residents First that got $93,500 in donations this month. The total in this PAC is $2,113,432. The Miami Dade Residents First PAC gave $50,000 to the Common Sense Now ECO.  Common Sense Now had $2,743,491 in it but spent $2,694,029, mostly for the past election. It is being used to pay Consulting Associates Group of Pembroke Pines $6,000 a month. The Company President is Horacio Delgado.

Donations for November to Miami Dade Residents First. It has been reported that Leon Advertising has given almost $600,000 to Republican State Candidates. Benjamin Leon of Leon Advertising is actually more involved in Healthcare companies, he and his wife have a bunch. He is using a Corporation that wouldn't raise red flags for his donation.

Benjamin Leon gave $42,000 to the PAC through his company Leon Advertising and Public Relations. I do not think advertising is his main profession and you can see why.

Remember that the actual election for these people is actually in August, unless they do not get 50% of the vote. The August primary is the election.

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Anonymous said...

If money can buy an election they all bought theirs. No one can afford to run against the commissioners.