Saturday, November 07, 2015

Pennies From Heaven...I Mean Pennies from Hialeah. By Geniusofdespair

Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez
Back from the City of Angels, that looks like a tinderbox of dry brush, to our crazy town.  Not disappointing me, Hialeah, a city that likes their politicians tainted, is in the news. They have a mayor who does quasi legal bank loans with high interest (up to 36%). He was found guilty by the Ethics Commission of lying to the public. Mayor Carlos Hernandez was fined a measly $4,000 by the Commission for the lying about the interest payments ($1,000 of the fine was for the cost of the investigation). Carlos got no fine for the banking, I guess because he squealed on Julio Robaina (the bad one). Mayor Carlos Hernandez did lie when he first said he did not get interest payments from the ponzi schemer Luis Felipe Perez. He later admitted he got $100,000 in interest when testifying against the former Mayor Robaina.

Now you have to remember, the Ethics Commission almost never finds anyone guilty and if they do they write them a very, very, stern letter.

This is pretty harsh behavior for the Ethics Commission to actually fine someone.

The smart ass, slimey Mayor Hernandez paid the fine with 28 buckets of pennies and some nickels. Do you understand how hard it is to put that many pennies in buckets. I am guessing City of Hialeah staff worked overtime to do it. Who delivered the Pennies? City of Hialeah personnel? Ethics you must now look into the penny caper.

The Ethics Commission refused the payment and told the delivery guys to get those buckets out of here. Someone from Ethics should have run down and looked at the delivery truck.

Hernandez called the Ethics Commission "a bunch of clowns", that I find almost true but for different reasons. If anyone ever deserved a fine it is this guy. Thank you Ethics for no stern letter.

Hialeah, wake up!

Here is $1,000 in pennies... not in 28 buckets.  They take up the whole back of a van. Each box has $25 or 50 rolls. There are 2,000 penny rolls here to open and dump in a bucket, and this is just $1,000. Now someone in Hialeah has to wrap all the pennies up again for the bank to accept them.
The only photo from my trip that fits with this blog: The  original "Breaking Bad" camper. The one they blew up was a prop.


Anonymous said...

We really don't need this drama. It's embarrassing for the residents of the City and all of us who live here. It makes everyone in Miami look bad.
The community needs to push back on these antics. Write the check, Mayor, and think about what brought you to this point.

Anonymous said...

Since banks don't give small change in buckets, the crooked mayor had to have someone amass and put the change in buckets, load them onto a truck (whose truck?) and drive it to the ethics office and try to unload. I would like to see an accounting of who did this work, was it his government staff? If so it is another violation of the public trust.

Anonymous said...

If you can loan shark and not be indicted but given a fine a normal person would thank their lucky stars. To mock the Ethics Commission is childish and the SAO along with the feds should now open an active investigation and IRS audit into this joker. Putting him through hell is the ultimate last laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hours upon hours had to be used undoing all those wrapped pennies. I am sure he and his wife didn't do it. Let's do a public records request to see who did. I too suspect it was people in his office.

youbetcha' said...

What a dumb butt.

But who hasn't at least once or twice wanted to deliver payment in pennies? Maybe this is the secret reason the federal government is wanting to get rid of them --- too many IRS payments in pennies.