Thursday, November 26, 2015

On to Muslims for a festive Thanksgiving. By Geniusofdespair

Taken at the Miami Book Fair

This video is filmed in the Netherlands recently, in October. listen especially at 20:55

This guy, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (May Allah be his helper), Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community -- their theme is LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE -- is a Messiah to these particular Muslims. He is traveling all over with his message of Peace, i.e. to Japan now.  If you listen to some of what he said, he is pretty much for free speech but against free speech against Muslims. You can see that in another video that I have linked to below....

Damn it, watch the videos, learn a little about Muslims and then you can hate them if you want. This is a minority Muslim Group.

The other video that fascinated me is on Facebook, it is questions and answers from Dutch Parliament (scroll down to October 10th).
This is not the video. I couldn't get it off facebook, this is a screeenshop of it. the link is here and above -- scroll down to October 10th. You won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Genious on no count. Easy to extract a video with warm and fuzzy moments. But Muslims are destroying that beautiful country in Europe. The Netherlands. Remember Theo Van Gogh? Probably not.

He was murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri while cycling to work on 2 November 2004 at about 9 o'clock in the morning, in Amsterdam. The killer shot Van Gogh eight times. Wounded, Van Gogh ran to the other side of the road and fell to the ground on the cycle lane. According to eyewitnesses, Van Gogh's last words were "Don't do it, don't do it." or "Have mercy, have mercy, don't do it, don't do it."[Bouyeri walked up to Van Gogh, who was on the ground, and calmly shot him several more times at close range.

Bouyeri cut Van Gogh’s throat with a large knife and tried to decapitate him, after which he stabbed the knife deep into Van Gogh's chest, reaching his spinal cord. He attached a note to the body with a smaller knife. Van Gogh died on the spot. The two knives were left implanted. The note was addressed to and contained a death threat to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who went into hiding. Urge you to read her book called "infidel"

Geniusofdespair said...

Of course I remember Theo Van Gogh, I was an art history major. I am not saying all Muslims are good. This guy isn't saying that either. Watch the video, I didn't find it warm and fuzzy. These Muslims are not out to kill you. That's it. He talks about the sects separating according to the prophets, some of what he says is interesting. I can give you examples of Christians who did even worse things in the name of Jesus....KKK

Anonymous said...

Christian Nazis killed about 11,000,000 and the Japanese killed about 6,000,000 to 10,000,000 Chinese. So what is your point with Theo?

miaexile said...

Happy Thansgiving to both you and Gimleteye!
I am thankful for this blog.
I am thankful for WDNA,
We all need to be promoting peace above any and all religions.
I'm a WASP and am thankful that, for the short time I paid close attention to religion, the message was about accepatance, tolerance and peace in the name of God. I am very thanful for that.

Anonymous said...

In a video that was published yesterday, Nov. 20, an Army recruiter appears to be heading into the back of his recruiting office in Springfield, Missouri. This is when he starts his observations by saying:

“Good morning Facebook, today is a fine morning. I’m actually really excited about today. I woke up, I look and get on Facebook, I get on my newsfeed, and I see all of this, you know, defend America, support France, we gotta defeat terrorism, and I just, I think to myself, ‘We’re gonna have so many people just walking in our office. A line out the door. And I am excited to see what Springfield, Missouri has to offer.’”

It’s at this point he opens the front door and looks around the parking lot. After seeing no line of warriors, he heads back in and says:

“Huh, a lot of keyboard warriors out there I guess. Thanks Facebook.”

Now social media has shown plenty of reactions from politicians and angry American citizens regarding the Paris attacks. Unfortunately for this recruiter, not enough people have been reacting by signing up."

Anonymous said...

G.o.D - He's not talking about Vincent Van Gogh, but Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch columnist and film maker who was a critic of Islam. He was murdered in public by a deranged person - a terrorist - who claimed to be Muslim. But to color all Muslims by the acts of sociopaths like Van Gogh's murderer, or those responsible for the recent events in Paris, is wrong. Bigots use these incidents as an excuse to justify their own mental pathology. I am not afraid of Muslims, I am afraid of those who relish any opportunity to vent their hatred for Muslims, particularly when in the guise of concern for national security. Take Rick Scott wanting to prevent Syrian refugees from settling in Florida because one of the Paris attackers carried a Syrian passport. Never mind that most of the terrorists in Paris were European.

Geniusofdespair said...

I thought he was talking about the Dutch Art dealer...sorry

Geniusofdespair said...

Can anyone give me an opinion on the second more interesting video?

Anonymous said...

Under that simplistic premise anon above... Anything is excusable. Lobbyist. Consultants. Politicians. All the people you paint with a broad brush...

Anonymous said...

OK , the second video.
I took lots of notes, but let me give you the short answer.
This guy was born 50 Years to late, he would have fit in nicely with the peace and love generation. And we all know how that was received by Authority.

Hes got some points, but like you say, asks for censorship when it comes to criticizing his brothers in arms. I mean, his got to be shitting about hurting the sentiment of his ilk, when the criminal bastardization of his religion is made fun of and put on the wall.

Unfortunately non of the polite Dutch questioner ask how you deal with the criminal Muslim element in the public press.
Even here 15 Years ago, the attack was responded with a endless war instead of a proper criminal prosecution and an internal reform and house cleaning of intelligence organizations and laws.

The men appears to me representing Islam in the way a foreigner looks at the US of the founding Fathers in all its allegoric aspects, overlooking and not wanting to see warts and all.

His best advise is not to fund the trouble makers. But as Colin Powel says: One mans trouble maker is an others freedom fighter. (To be used for political purpose)My addition.

In the end, nobody drilled on the core question: Can religion, including Islam be questioned. That's the hart of it all, without it the Catholic reformation would have never happened.

But for a guy who descends from a society where religion is and makes the law, he is pretty removed from the notion of separation of church and state. His unspoken assertion was that Islam is above State law.

In other words of some time ago: for Queen Isabella and Good.
Yea, our Western society has been at that point too.

Anonymous said...

the second video, take two
The fact that Islam does not have a pope like figure, but untold many learned scholars in leadership, complicates things with regard to critic. I've grown up in a fundamental believing christian familie. Yoking or even questioning church hierarchy from the lowest level was severely frowned upon.
I've also traveled and had extensive contact with Muslim people I've com to respect. They helped me shed my learned prejudice against Islam. So I have been there.
But criminals are criminals, whether one goes in to war by himself, or is a states man and orders the dirty work to be done by his loyal following. Religion has little to do with it. It has to do with human right, some of it starting to express itself way back in the Magna Carta.

Wishing peace is good. So is calling a spade a spade.

Geniusofdespair said...

Thanks that was enlightening. I too thought the Dutch went easy on him.

Anonymous said...

I didn't find him as peace loving as he professed to being. He spoke of righting wrongs in the Muslim religion. If speech against Mohammad is wrong does it follow that the followers should right the wrong?

Anonymous said...

I think Islam is running in to the same brick wall as Christianity did during the reformation.
Back then it was Gutenberg's doing that stirred the Pot.
Today its the internet that's unsettling the faith. And many a government to boot.

Terry said...

After watching the second video it appeared this holy man was okay with retaliation if you mocked the faith. He sat their silent and dodged questions on that free speech point. How extreme would the retaliation in the Koran have to be before he spoke up?

Anonymous said...

Religion in post modern world is the perfect political tool to divide and enslave, just like all the other -isms, from Communism to Capitalism to Socialism to...., just another tool with ultimate result of enslaving the masses by masters. You have to look at all the philosophies from the perspective that humanity is still very impoverished. There is $70 Trillion dollars of real money in all economies and there are 7.3 Billion people. Therefore on the average we have less than $9,600 of really money per individual, what is the productivity that one can harness from $9,600 per person? Not much, especially when looking at gross disparity of wealth distribution due to the fact that we are still very poor. So next time someone tells you such and such group or nation or village or commune is peculiar, remember they are not very different than us, except their form of slavery has a different name with different bells and whistles.