Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mayor Carlos Gimenez is Afraid of Raquel Regalado, So Afraid He Has Dragged Lynda Bell into this Fray. By Geniusofdespair



This story is so complicated you might have to read the damn Miami Herald too.  Here is how I understand it.  

The Mayor's race is getting very dirty. So dirty, they dusted off Lynda Bell for some of the dirty work again.

That school board soccer stadium idea with David Beckham -- sounds like Norman Braman was behind the cost of the polling -- got good numbers in a poll. Soccer, reflects well with Hispanics, who for some unknown reason like this very low scoring sport. I can't watch it for more than 30 seconds. Anyway, that is besides the point.

Nelson Diaz, the local Republican Chairman (a lobbyist for Southern Strategies who has raised boatloads of money for Diaz) is now rocking the boat on the long running Soccer deal.

There wasn't a peep out of him for the years that Gimenez was talking to Beckhams, agreeing to give the stadium the tax deal that other stadiums get. Now that the School Board is involved, instead of the County, he thinks it is a bad idea to get involved with stadiums and is lobbying -- in the name of the Republican Party -- against the School Board Soccer deal. Very convenient. On the heels of his distaste for the deal,  Lynda Bell has surfaced. She wrote a letter to all the school board members trashing the idea. Trash talk is Lynda Bell's forte. Lynda Bell threatened that she might organize a group in opposition to the deal.  You all know that this is all directed at Raquel Regalado, trying to make her look bad.
Raquel Regalado Running for Mayor of Miami Dade County is a School Board Member

Anyway, now the land that Beckham and friends were buying around the old Orange Bowl, has suddenly got more expensive. I wonder who is behind that? This story is far from over.

74% support the Stadium - School Board Partnership. The Stadium is proposed to be built in Regalado's District.
According to the Miami Herald:
Miami-Dade voters are generally split on David Beckham building a stadium next to Marlins Park, but overwhelmingly support the idea once told the school system will be a partner in the project, according to a private poll.
The school system came late to the deal, with Beckham previously on track to have Miami-Dade County be the owner of the stadium for tax purposes. The Beckham team switched in recent weeks to the school system.

The move raised eyebrows since Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado's daughter, Raquel Regalado, is the school board member whose district includes the soccer site and she is challenging Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez in the 2016 mayoral election. People close to the Beckham side said the school board's reputation for acquiescing to county schools chief Alberto Carvalho was more appealing than the fractious 13-member County Commission.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Raquel Regalado got involved in this stadium boondoggle. Because that's how it's perceived. The best strategy out of this mess is She should quickly find another way to distinguish herself politically. There are plenty of good issues where Giminez is screwing up. Go for it Raquel and don't stoop to these thugs level.

Anonymous said...

Gimenez seems to have sway over the women from District 8. Obviously, his relationship with Bell went deeper than political expedience. For her to come running to his defense, chastising the School system for doing exactly what Gimenez was trying to do (stadium ownership for tax exemption), reveals a passion that has not yet cooled since her political defeat. If the current lady from District 8 stands with Gimenez in opposition to the Beckham-Carvalho project, the mayor's wife might want to keep track of those trips to South Dade.

Anonymous said...

Bell is always happy to do the Mayor's dirty work. Don't know why.

Anonymous said...

Gimenez should be afraid. Money does not secure an election. His team of Republican advisors are all the local losers who didn't make the cut for the Jeb! Campaign. These meatheads don't even know the basics - like not picking a losing fight that will result in a lengthy Herald article for your opponent. (See the Herald story on Raquel's Spanish talk shows last week). Carlos can wrap himself in lobbyist's money, but the voters won't be buying that bully burrito in August. Bye, bye Carlos.

Anonymous said...

Call Linda Haskins. She may know the secrets of why Lynda Bell is so enamored with the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Raquel Regalado gave disgraced Ernesto Perez and the illegally closed Dade Medical College a fancy proclamation just a couple years ago. Carlos also was slightly involved with Perez but the Regalados were deeply involved. The habit of giving proclamations to thieves encourages more theft and in Perez's case he then opened the USmF campus in the Gables.

Anonymous said...

Bell is actually on the correct side of things here. Why is a school board involved with a pro sports stadium? Why do they own a radio station? Given the state of Miami public schools they should be laser focusing on improving education and not dipping their hands in a bunch of unrelated investments.

Is this common elsewhere with other school boards? Is being elected to the school board such a political stepping stone elsewhere? I find the connections ridiculous and counter productive to their main purpose.

Carmen Rodriguez-Cid said...

Carlos Gimenez is obsessed with this Soccer deal, I'm sure his thugs had already carved up the concessions inside the stadium. Now that Beckham is negotiating with the School Board he is out in the cold. I'll make my mind up about the deal when it is in writing but for now all we know is that Gimenez is not a leader, is a bully who wants to silence Regalado and a poor loser who needs hasbeens to come to his defense. Maybe Daniella should stop taking pictures with him . . . .

Don Fanucci's First Cousin said...

All of this phony righteous indignation from Team Gimenez (a.k.a Don Fanucci) will soon disappear. They all are trying to wet their beaks.

Beckham just needs to write checks to Bell's "Abstinence is Godliness" program for troubled youth, Nelson Diaz/Southern Strategies, Gimenez's cronies and of course to son Junior. This is how we do in Miami, bitches.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell is on the governing board of Florida Communities Trust. How the hell did that happen?

"Florida Communities Trust assists communities in protecting important natural resources, providing recreational opportunities and preserving Florida's traditional working waterfronts through the competitive criteria in the Parks and Open Space Florida Forever Grant Program and the Stan Mayfield Working Waterfronts Florida Forever Grant Program. These local land acquisition grant programs provide funding to local governments and eligible non-profit organizations to acquire land for parks, open space, greenways and projects supporting Florida's seafood harvesting and aquaculture industries. The source of funding for Florida Communities Trust comes from Florida Forever proceeds. "

Geniusofdespair said...

The governor gave her the position.

Anonymous said...

Genius, that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

i think you have Gimenez Derangement Syndrome. It's a stretch to say he's against the deal since he already offered up a (tepid) endorsement. It won't look good for him if he is seen as being behind this and Bell is a loose lips type of gal, I doubt he'd want to count on her for this.

And to wonder who is behind the rising prices in the land for the deal? Really? C'mon, it's the oldest rule in real estate. The moment someone is trying to piece a big deal then you know price will rocket. That's what eminent domain is for...steal property from taxpayers to profit big money crony capitalists who won't be paying taxes.