Monday, November 16, 2015

Marco Rubio is too Stupid on Climate Change and Sea Level Rise to be President. By Geniusofdespair

As you go about your daily business, one day sea level rise will hit you like a club. That day has obviously not hit any of the developers with cranes in the air with an expected 80 residential units in Brickell alone (where are you going to get their drinking water developers). But when you get it, finally get it, and project down the road  -- your chest will feel hollow and you might cry. My tipping point finally happened. I am hollow inside.

I spoke to a climate change scientist yesterday from Rosenstiel and he said that the gulf stream is keeping our sea level 2 feet lower than that in the Bahamas. Any movement of the gulf stream (there could be shifting ocean currents) and we could be in deep shit immediately. Meanwhile the ice sheets are pooling water and breaking off and that also could cause an extreme rise if the water starts to flow. What I am saying is, this is serious stuff and that there is anyone who could consider Marco Rubio - a climate change denier - for the presidency is an insult to every family in Florida trying to keep their grand children's heads above water. Norman Braman, you are a dick head for supporting Marco Rubio with 7 Million dollars. The world's weather and water is in crisis and all you care about is him supporting your religion. I might remind you that your house might be underwater soon.

This is on NASA's website (you should really go to this link):

Now there is another potential impact that is grabbing scientists’ attention. Scientists are exploring the small but real possibility that even small shifts in ocean currents, possibly set in motion by global warming, may trigger the catastrophic melting of the world’s two great ice sheets.

By 2048 they expect 2 feet or more of sea level rise. Scientists say that means:
72% of Florida land surfaces will remain.  Sandy barrier islands will be challenging to live on. Fill areas will be eroding, beach front rapidly eroding; storm channeling. (Good thing: I think that American Wet Dream Mall will be underwater.)

Existing mangrove swamps collapse; inundation and collapse of lower freshwater marshes.

Much of upper and lower Keys inundated.

Coastal levees under wave attack.

Access to barrier islands and public works becomes difficult such as Turkey Point, South Dade landfill. (according to Peter Harlan FIU 2008)
Projections have been updated recently because of this Virginia Key Study:
In the last five years we had a 1.27 inch rise (triple that of the 10 years before). If we continue with that 1.27 trend, it will be 12 inches of sea level in 10 years. One foot!

What they are saying at Rosenstiel: sea level is not just rising here, the rate of the rise is accelerating. What can we expect:
In the next 20 years, what should we reasonably expect in southeast Florida? The median value of sea level from various observed trends in 2034 is around 6″, with a realistic range of 3-12″.

Year by year, flooding due to heavy rain, storm surge, and high tides will become more frequent and more severe. Water tables will continue to rise, and saltwater intrusion will continue to contaminate fresh water supplies.
They expect a range of 3 to 12 inches of sea level rise by 2034, less than 15 years away. How old will your children be? Marco Rubio's children will not be that old, just having grandchildren for Marco.

The coastal ridge is the yellow and green areas.


Anonymous said...

It's true about the Gulfstream. Sea level in coastal areas of Florida are actually below the average sea level. If the Gulfstream (part of AMOC - Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation) is altered by meltwater from Greenland, we could get a lot of rise quickly. The 5" of local rise in the past 5 years is probably due to something like that. So what is Rubio doing about this problem? He's insisting we can't afford to engage the problem. What an irresponsible knucklehead.

Anonymous said...

The Republican deniers, Gov. Scott, Sen. Rubio are an embarrassment to to the State of Florida. We are ground zero for sea level rise brought about by global warming. Some of these deniers say they are not scientists, but they won't follow the almost total majority of scientists that present facts that global warming and sea level rise are real issues that need to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

I've read several reputable articles that state we are actually entering a new ice age.

Anonymous said...

Please site your reputable articles on a new ice age. 2015 is scheduled to be the warmest on record of the last 150 years.

Anonymous said...

One is
Another: The Huffington Post
Another: Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

WLRN had a good piece on this last week. Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin is mostly on the correct side of science on the matter, but is entirely too optimistic on how and when we'll actually respond to the problem.

If our senator is a denier, I'm not sure how he expects an appropriate response!

I believe it was part of this series:

Anonymous said...

Under this scenario Virginia Key will be underwater soon. So why is Miami spending $23 million to pave it with asphalt? If Miami Dade County approves the Miami Boat Show permit Tuesday, it will show how foolish and hypocritical all this resilience and adaptation talk is.the last thing we should be doing is creating impermeable surfaces on our barrier islands.

David said...

I believe I just heard someone cry wolf (hollowly) again.