Friday, November 20, 2015

Floriduh: Students With Guns at Florida Universities is not a good idea. By Geniusofdespair

Yes, this is a bona fide idea racing through the Florida legislature (with the help of the NRA): Allowing guns on the campuses of Florida's Public College Campuses (there are 40 of them). I am not making this up.

Has anyone from the Florida legislature met a teenager? I suppose not.

Does anyone remember a painful breakup from their younger years or a bully they encountered? What if you had a gun at that time? What might have happened if you were despondent to the core? Arming children at schools without parents present is the mother of all stupid ideas. And lets face it, they are STILL children, many not emotionally equipped to control themselves.

According to

Your child goes through a ‘bulletproof’ stage of thinking and acting as if nothing bad could happen to him. Your child’s decision-making skills are still developing, and your child is still learning about the consequences of actions.

Here is how Bill 4001 is progressing in the House of Representatives and who supports it (this is what happens when you vote in nitwits):
Democrat Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda A Co-Sponsor from Tallahassee with Nut Job Greg Steube. Michelle went to New College, 1977-1982; University of South Florida, B.A., Social and Behavioral Sciences, 1982; University of Florida, College of Law, J.D., 1983-1985. She is a college professor. She sponsored this bill because she was a victim of date rape and the gun she said the gun she had saved her. It could have killed her too, if the guy got his hands on it.

General Bill by Steube and Rehwinkel Vasilinda (CO-SPONSORS) Baxley; Boyd; Combee; Drake; Eagle; Fant; Gaetz; Renner; Smith; Stone; Sullivan; Trumbull; Van Zant; Wood
Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons or Firearms: Removes provision prohibiting concealed carry licensees from openly carrying handgun or carrying concealed weapon or firearm into college or university facility.
Effective Date: July 1, 2016
Last Event: Bill released to House Calendar on Thursday, November 19, 2015 5:00 PM
 Those who voted NO in the Judiciary Committee:

Dudley,  (Katy) Edwards, Kerner, Moskowitz, Rodriguez, J.  (Jose Javier Rodriguez is our guy down here.) There were 13 yeas and 5 nays.

I Think Jose Javier Rodriguez should run for Governor. What a smart guy we have here in South Florida!


snooker said...

CRAZY .......

Anonymous said...

It would be better if we were allowed to take firearms into government buildings. Funny how legislators protect themselves but not our children.

Anonymous said...

We get in trouble when politicians base a law on one incident in their lives. The woman could have been disarmed easily and shot. She probably just scared her date. This is not a good reason for the law. Especially since we have that Travon Martin law. Jilted lovers will be claiming rape and shooting each other and claim self defense.

Anonymous said...

Hear Ye Professors who dare give a failing grade - show your school pride by purchasing a varsity kevlar vests for sale in the college bookstore.

Wild Bill said...

I can see why you don't want hormone crazed and emotionally distraught teenagers carrying guns on campus, but as an adult who has had a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit for nearly 20 years, I don't see why I should have to disarm myself before walking on a campus.

We need some spec of sanity and common sense on both sides of the gun issue, seems like out of control hormones and irrational behavior isn't confined to teenagers.

Anonymous said...

Typical fundamentalist ideas being pushed to become the law. Rightwing nuts have been trying to destroy our education system and fund private for profit education to brainwash our kids with substandard curriculum, religious and fundamentalist ideology.